How to Tell if Men Will Commit to You?


It can be very discouraging when you’re meeting men who can’t signs a man is ready to commit to you or aren’t ready for any type of committed relationship. But, it’s possible to prevent this kind of disappointment. It’s critical to listen to your date at the beginning of the relationship. You’ll also need to be honest with yourself about any concerns you may have about his ability to make a commitment. Often, women ignore so many glaring warning signs he’ll never commit and waving red flags that can tell them that they have no future with their love prospect. Believe it or not, there are many signs a man is ready to commit and several that suggest otherwise.

Even if a man has an excellent track record with ready for commitment in his past, he might be in a place in his life where signs he’ll never commit relationship. Maybe he had a bad breakup with his ex and is afraid of getting into another relationship that could end badly. He may need more time to recover. No responsibilities and no commitment might be very appealing to him right now.

Other scenarios suggest a dating partner isn’t ready for the type of committed romantic relationship that you have as your goal. Dream relationship might not be a priority for him if he wants time alone or if he’s raising children. Remember, just because he meets the requirements on your checklist and has a good history of commitment, doesn’t automatically mean he wants a long-term future with you. How to tell if he is ready to commit? Looking at dating red and green flags realistically can help you weed out the guys. 

To make the situation even more compliments for men even a man who has a good history of commitment and is ready for love, may not want to commit to you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because he’s willing to be exclusive, he will definitely want a long term relationship with you specifically. Exclusivity usually precedes a long-term commitment, but not every man who wants exclusivity wants a long-term relationship. Being exclusive gives him more security, but doesn’t mean he’ll ever want a serious future with you. Remember, being completely honest with yourself at the beginning of a relationship can help you avoid this type of heartache and disappointment.

So, how can you tell if he’s likely and ready to commit to you? Keep an eye out for these top 5, encouraging signs a man is ready to commit

  1. You’re his priority. You can tell he’s committed if he’d rather see you than spend time with his friends. He does things that make you feel special because you’re important to him. He loves being with you, so he wants to spend his time with you. A man who is ready to commit to you will want to give you one of his most valuable resources – his time. Spending quality time with you and making you a priority is a significant green flag that he is ready for commitment.
  2. He listens. Men who want to be with you in a committed, long-term relationship will pay attention to your individual preferences, needs, and goals. He knows your favorite foods, the places you enjoy visiting, and the things you love. Men who are ready to commit don’t just listen – they also put their knowledge about you into action. They buy things for you that they know you may need, or enjoy. And, he takes you places that you love. Committed men want you to be happy and secure.
  3. He uses “we.” A clear sign that he is ready to commit to you is that he refers to you as a couple. He’s thinking of you together, not as separate entities. If invited to a party, he might say, “We’d love to come.”
  4. He talks about your future together. A guy who isn’t that into you won’t be making future plans. When he’s serious, he won’t be afraid to talk about where your relationship is going.
  5. He won’t play games. An immature man who doesn’t want commitment might try to test you to see if he can make you jealous. He might try to keep you hanging on, even if he isn’t seriously interested in you. A man who wants to be committed to you won’t do anything so risky. He’d be too afraid of offending you and losing you.

These signs, especially if they are all present at once, tell you that a man is seriously interested – without a doubt. But there are no guarantees.

You can still damage a budding relationship if you aren’t careful. Unfortunately, women can make a few mistakes when it comes to protecting and nurturing these feelings of Commitment Phobic Men and ruin a blossoming relationship that has promise. Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we’ll discuss how to promote his feelings of togetherness rather than sabotage them.

Did you ever see these signs that a man wanted more from you but didn’t believe he was serious? What happened? Let us know in the comments section below.

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