How to Make Modern Dating Work for Your Love Life


Dating and relationships in today’s age of so-called modern dating are anything but simple.

Have you dated more than one man who can’t make a commitment? Has your heart been broken by any crash and burn relationships? Are you blaming your looks for the problem, like so many women do?

Although it may be uncomfortable to hear, noticing trends like this in your love life can really help you think about why you aren’t seeing the romantic results you are hoping for. Even more, realizing that your looks really aren’t what is holding you back can help you feel more confident in your love life.

So, how can you finally start to take control of your relationships right now?

Combat the Myths: Recognize What’s Really the Problem in Your Relationships

First of all, don’t blame yourself – it’s not your fault!

Many of the trends in modern dating aren’t working for women from all walks of life. We’re constantly bombarded by the myth that you have to look a certain way and be sexy in order to make your love life work, as if modern dating is a beauty contest. Our unhealthy cultural programming sabotages our confidence and our love lives. Millions of women feel like their appearance comes up short of expectations and therefore causes their problems with dating, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, these unhealthy myths about how modern dating works just wrecks our confidence and causes 90% of women to be dissatisfied with their appearance.

If you want to make modern dating work for you, you’ve got to start realizing that you are much more than just your looks. Your value lies in who you are, not how you look.

Another dangerous myth that holds women back from success in love and relationships is the idea that we should be having lots of sex and right away. Movies and TV shows make it seem like everyone hops into bed with strangers and then lives happily ever after. Is it any wonder we feel like the strange ones for not wanting to have sex immediately or not getting a call back from a guy after a one-nightstand? The problem is, these shows are produced by men. They want to sell tickets or get ratings and we know that sex sells. They aren’t trying to reflect what real women deal with in their love lives or what a healthy relationship really looks like.

Why are these myths such a big problem?

Because they distort our perception of what really matters.

Love Yourself to Embrace Healthy Relationships in Modern Dating

When you believe that being sexy or how sexual you are are the keys to finding a keeping a good guy, you ignore what matters most – how well a man treats you. Being treated well by men is much more important than your physical attributes or how sexual you are. That’s why it’s so important to be your own Brand of Sexy. That means figuring out what you want, what works for you as an individual and which approaches will help you reach your dating and relationship goals, whatever they may be.

You don’t have to be confident or to know a lot about dating to learn the skills you need to date on your own terms. You can get what you want from men and make modern dating work for you by learning to expect respect from men by being your own brand of sexy. Truly embracing yourself by being your own Brand of Sexy can start you on the path towards a new type of love life – a love life on your terms. Start on your journey today by finding out if you’re being your own Brand of Sexy.

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