Is Conflict Good? How Empowering Yourself Can Improve Your Love Life


Let’s talk about power and your love life. Do you need more power in it? Perhaps you find this question a bit strange and don’t know how power can help you, but if you are feeling powerless when it comes to dating, it can actually help a lot!

Power is often an emotionally charged word, and usually not one that many women will feel very comfortable with. After all, being too powerful can cause conflict with someone, and that’s a scary outcome for anyone. But here’s the thing: conflict isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it can actually make a man a lot more interested in you.

If it’s done right.

Hold on. How can conflict be appealing to a man?

Well, just think about it. Can a man actually fall in love with you if he doesn’t know who you are? If you are putting in the effort to hide potential disagreements, then you’re likely not letting your true opinion or voice be heard. He probably feels like he doesn’t even know you. Maybe he wonders what you might be hiding from him, why you avoid fully discussing certain things.

How can he tell if he can connect with you?

This happens a lot to those we can call “people-pleasers”, and unfortunately many women are raised to fill this role. As a result, power might not come naturally to you. And if it feels uncomfortable, it’s easy to miss the many benefits that power can bring to your love life.

So to help you understand this aspect better, here are the 5 reasons why empowering yourself can end up improving your love life:

Empowering Yourself Improves Your Love Life #1: You’re More Genuine and Authentic

When you’re empowered, you can truly be yourself and not tiptoe around anyone’s opinion. You can have the power to disagree with him and let it be known, whether he likes it or not.

Of course, this doesn’t mean starting fights left and right, as a level of diplomacy is still beneficial. I’m not even suggesting constantly bringing up very sensitive or controversial topics on the first date. But, you don’t have to avoid speaking your mind if you feel you must share your opinion or contradict your date.

Empowering Yourself Improves Your Love Life #2: Saying “No” Gets Easier

Do you have a hard time saying “no”? Be it to last-minute dates, pressure to have sex, changes of plans, or anything else that involves a man? We often do this when we’re afraid we will lose a guy by ruffling his feathers, so many end up accepting such behaviors instead of saying a simple “no”.

By doing this, you are actually keeping the men who are not meant to be your partner in your life needlessly. Difficult men will usually weed themselves out of your love life when you stand up to these kinds of behaviors in effective ways. And then, you are left with the good guys who really like you.

Empowering Yourself Improves Your Love Life #3: You Become More Confident

Confidence is built over time, but becoming empowered helps you appear more confident to the men you date, at least at first until you start feeling this way in the true sense. Over time, your power will help appreciate your natural abilities and better see all the progress you are making. This will also change your actions, making you less likely to look needy or desperate.

Empowering Yourself Improves Your Love Life #4: You Improve Your Communications Skills

By getting more at ease with conflict, you will be better at seeing and addressing all the problems in any of your relationships. You will not be scared to communicate how you feel, and this will improve your chances of actually fixing some of the issues that are troubling you.

Moreover, you will be more likely to address these issues in the beginning, and not let them fester until they get out of hand. This will usually lead to a better outcome than just keeping all the things that are bugging you to yourself.

Empowering Yourself Improves Your Love Life #4: Flirting Gets Easier and More Fun

Ask yourself this: how can you be truly playful and tease a man if you are worried about him getting upset with you? It can be exhausting to always have to edit your words or actions down because you’re constantly wondering if they will end up annoying him in any way.

And these edits don’t help at all, and just make the date seem a lot blander than it could be.

The secret to having chemistry with a man is having some level of uncertainty about where things are going, and letting the process run its course freely, without edits. When a guy is 100% sure you’re crazy about him, it takes the mystery out of the process and leaves nothing else for him to discover. You take away his challenge, the possibility of him winning you over since you are already appearing to be swept off your feet.

Bottom Line:

You don’t need to feel powerless when it comes to your love life. Becoming more empowered will serve you very well in your dating life, and help you get closer to the man who will truly value your opinion. And after all, that’s the type of man you can build a life with.

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