Feel Like Giving up on Dating and Love? Here’s How to Cope


Dating, love, and relationships can feel like a rollercoaster ride with both thrilling highs and heart-wrenching lows. If you feel too battered and bruised from the potholes and rocks on your path, it can be easy to forget about any potential euphoria. That can make you feel like giving up on the whole process.

Rejection, conflict, and anger can make you feel black-and-blue emotionally, but they’re hard to avoid. Whether the conflict comes from making mistakes or having financial or health challenges, things can get tense. After all, two people will never agree about everything, and if your partner doesn’t understand you it can feel like a rejection. How can you avoid rejection with dating? It’s simply part of the selection process. So, if you feel like giving up on relationships, it’s a sign that you may need to strengthen your mind and find better ways to cope with these difficult situations.

So, I get it if sometimes you feel like you want to give up on love. Giving up seems easier, but it does not strengthen you. In the long run, you’re always better off trying to hang in there, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. When you don’t give up on your dreams, you become stronger through adversity. And that can help you realize that you can handle any tough times that may come.

How can you gain the strength that will help you handle future challenges in love or other areas of your life?

Here’s hope to cope and strengthen your mind when you feel like giving up:

1- Be kind to yourself.

Many of us are our worst critics, which just makes matters worse when you are already having a hard time. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. So, it’s better to accept them and learn lessons from them rather than to obsess over every little error and berate yourself. Your past relationships, whether they were successes or failures,  can guide you in making better choices in the future.

A healthy relationship begins with you. When you can accept yourself, you feel more deserving of love. Loving and valuing yourself sends a powerful message to potential partners.

2- Get the support you need.

We live in an individualistic culture and feel that we must overcome every hardship by ourselves. But that’s usually detrimental to our wellbeing and goals. Believe it or not, asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. When you need help, ask for it.

Most of us will need some support and guidance throughout our lives. If you are making mistakes and having a hard time figuring out your next move, being all alone isn’t the best approach. A different perspective from someone with the right experience can be extremely valuable.

3- Take action.

Do something to help yourself feel better. Even if it is just taking a walk or calling a friend, you’re moving away from a negative place to a more positive one. Although you cannot do much to change your situation right now, you can start with something small.

You have the choice of whether you do something that will make you feel better or something that will make you feel worse. Believe it or not, most people feel better when they accomplish something, even if it is just a small step. In fact, it is often better to take small steps. Small steps set you up to succeed, as opposed to unrealistic expectations which set you up for failure.

4- Appreciate your baby steps.

When you are suffering, it is harder to do what might have come easily to you before. The more you criticize yourself for struggling, the worse you will feel. Instead, acknowledge that you are having a hard time right now, and give yourself credit for taking steps to make yourself feel better and stronger. “I’m so glad I took that walk today. I feel a little better.” When you criticize yourself for struggling, you’re being mean to yourself.

5- Look forward to a more positive future.

When you know that your situation is temporary, it becomes a little easier to hang in there.  Of course, the tricky part is believing that your struggles are temporary. This is where talking to someone with a different perspective can make a big difference. Don’t hesitate to share your struggles with a trusted family member or friend or talk to a professional.

A positive mindset is your secret weapon in the pursuit of lasting love. Keeping a positive mindset can help you to overcome challenges. A hopeful attitude can make the journey more enjoyable and can even attract potential partners who appreciate your optimism. A positive mindset allows you to appreciate each step of the process, from the initial meeting to the development of a deep and meaningful connection. It’s the ability to find joy in the small moments and celebrate the progress made along the way.

Grieving gets easier with time. Learning from your mistakes turns them into something beneficial. Struggling makes you human and helps you to better appreciate and empathize with the problems of others. Developing more patience can help you in every area of your life.

Bottom Line

Finding lasting love is a journey. It’s OK if you haven’t reached your destination yet.

While the road may be rocky at times, stay hopeful, and continue to move forward. Don’t forget that your ideal love could be just around the corner, ready to enrich your life in unimaginable ways.

Has the journey been difficult for you? Leave us a comment and tell us how you’re feeling about the problems with making love work. We always love to hear from you.

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