How to Show Yourself the Love You Deserve on Valentine’s Day


Feeling down about being single on Valentine’s Day? Wondering when it’ll be your turn to celebrate? Or maybe you don’t really care about V-Day, but would like to stop being asked about your single status. Whatever the case, you can use Valentine’s day to show some love to the most important people in your life – starting with yourself.

While many of us may often get caught up on ‘man troubles’, you can take V-day to spend some time appreciating your relationships with yourself. Appreciating yourself on this day of love is really what Valentine’s Day is about.

When was the last time you took a moment for you and really gave yourself some loving attention? Now’s the time!

5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

Here are 5 ways to spend your Valentines Day with yourself in mind:

1-  Treat your body.

Whether you’ve been thinking about getting a massage, a haircut, or a nail job, try to treat your body to whatever little bit of pampering you can. Take an extra long bath or shower, add a deep-conditioner to your hair, and take your time moisturizing your skin without feeling guilty for spending the time on yourself. Your hardworking body deserves it.

2-  Connect with loved ones.

When was the last time you were in contact with just some of the great people already in your life? This Valentine’s Day, reach out to some of your good friends or loved ones that appreciate you for who you are. You might have some single friends who would really appreciate a shout out. They’ll also help you remember how to show yourself the love you deserve.

3-  Appreciate yourself.

There are a lot of reasons to love you – maybe you are very trustworthy, a great listener, or fierce on the court. You might be a rockstar at work or the rock of your family. We all have good and bad qualities, some appreciated more than others; take Valentine’s Day to love yourself for the attributes you are proud of.

4-  Be generous.

Whether you’ve got a little extra cash or ample free time, gift yourself a little something special this Valentine’s Day. It might be the right time to take advantage of those winter sales on a new outfit or pair of shoes. If you’re looking for fun, you can do a wine and painting session (or any of a number of great solo experiences!) somewhere around town or take a leisurely stroll in the park. Enjoy yourself a little!

5-  Feed your soul.

We are all works in progress. Finding the time to take care of your emotional or spiritual side is difficult for many busy women. This Valentine’s Day, try to carve out some time to focus on your self-improvement goals and visualizing what you need to do to reach them. Don’t forget to reflect and pat yourself on the back for small successes will help keep you motivated to stay on track.

How Do You Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is about love – love for yourself first and foremost! Although there may be lots of personal goals you are working towards, you can take this Valentine’s Day to reflect on what  you want. Would you like to see some improvement in your romantic life? Maybe you want to be treated better by men or to have a special man in your life. How can you do that? Do you need some help moving you towards your goals?

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