How to Transform Your Love Life Now


Do you wish you love life was a little different? Maybe very different?

You’re not alone. Many women have complaints about their love lives – that they don’t seem to meet any good men, that the men they do meet can’t commit or disappear into thin air, and lots of other common issues. Sometimes, difficulty in love can make you feel like you aren’t attractive enough or otherwise worthy of holding onto a good man.

But it’s just not true.

In this week’s post, we will discuss how to start seeing progress in your love life today. Learn about how you can start acting on your desire for change and confronting whatever is preventing you from having the love life you desire.

Just Thinking about Change Isn’t Enough – It’s Time to Act

Why aren’t you already seeing progress towards your relationship goals? You might feel reluctant to take action. Maybe you feel it’s safer to think about what you might do rather than make any type of commitment to actually change your current situation. You may be afraid of failure or of getting hurt. It is probably a combination of issues, and that’s okay. None of that needs to stop you from acting.

How can you change anything if you aren’t willing to take action to move forward?

It’s possible that you aren’t fully aware of why you aren’t moving forward or how your own actions may be stopping your progress. The 3-part video training series I just released, How to Be Your Own Brand of Sexy in 5 Simple Steps, can help you address these issues by spelling out the steps for transforming your love life from beginning to happy ending. Whatever is holding you back can be confronted by taking proactive baby steps that will slowly, but surely, bring you closer to your goals.

Learn How to Take Baby Steps

A lot of women don’t know what to do in order to transform their romantic dream lives into a happy reality. The key to taking action is to take baby steps.

Think about when a baby is first learning to walk. The process is not going to always be smooth-sailing and there will be some falling. But every time the baby stands up and even makes half a step, her parents notice the progress and applaud her efforts. Indeed, it can be exciting to be making progress toward your goals if you have the right support and mindset. Can you imagine a baby’s parents being critical of that child’s first steps? “You can’t fall down. You’re not moving fast enough!” That doesn’t happen. Doting parents offer support and encouragement, not criticism.

Just like those babies taking their first steps, we need support when we are learning anything new, like relationship patterns or ways of viewing ourselves. Many of us feel like we have to change instantly. When success doesn’t immediately materialize, we can be very hard on ourselves for stumbling or reverting to old habits. But if we remember that we’re taking “baby steps”—a tiny bit of progress at a time—and that those baby steps deserve support and applause, we’ll learn to be patient with ourselves and celebrate our little victories along the way.

Make Progress and Reward Yourself for the Effort

What’s the right first step for you? To begin, choose something to work on that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish but is on the path to reaching a more difficult goal. For example, if it’s hard for you to say “no” to a man, maybe you’ll want to start on the path to change by overcoming the obstacle of saying “no” in a smaller way, like by expressing a different opinion from someone else or returning an item that you’ve changed your mind about purchasing.

To demonstrate what I mean, I would like to give a little incentive to everyone willing to take a real step on the path to change. I’m offering a dozen red roses (or the flower of your choice!) to two lucky readers for sharing their stories of transforming their love lives. Every person who responds with a link to their video and posts it here or reaches out to me privately with their own stories of change will be entered into a drawing to receive the flowers. One winner will be chosen from video applicants and a second winner from those who submit their stories privately by email.

Make today the day you finally start moving forward on your path to change. Share your story.


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