Why You Need to Find the Best Life Partner


When you’re lonely, you might think any relationship with any man will work, at least for a while. You may not be looking for anything long-term, or you might tell yourself that finding a serious relationship isn’t in the cards for you. Women often think self-limiting thoughts about dating, like, “I’m too old.” “Nobody wants a woman with kids.” “I’m not confident enough,” or “I’m not attractive enough.” All of this has the potential to be a recipe for settling for less than you deserve, which often doesn’t work very well. There are many reasons why being selective, whether you want to choose the right partner for marriage, or something a little less serious.

No matter what your goals are for dating, why should you be choosy when it comes to finding the best life partner for you?

Choosing the right partner for marriage or an LTR prevents heartache, and it’s good for your body.

Human beings are built for connection. Our brains need consistent bonding and nurturing. Studies show that babies and children don’t thrive unless they have contact and touch. Do you recall how you felt when you lost a loved one to a breakup or worse? Chances are that you had trouble sleeping, and you may have lost interest in everything else. It disrupted your body’s rhythms. Frequent breakups aren’t just emotionally painful. They put your body on a physiological roller-coaster ride. Breakups and relationship issues are stressful, and we all know how harmful stress is to your physical and emotional well-being.

Find the best life partner for you saves time.

When we’re in love, our ability to assess our lover can be impaired. Have you ever heard the old saying, “Love is blind?” It can be dangerous, allowing you to get involved with the wrong person, and wasting your time. Once you get emotionally attached to the wrong man, you risk spending a lot of time trying to decide whether the relationship can work. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. When love is blind, we can’t see the faults in our lover, even though our friends and family can tell he’s the wrong guy. When you take time to get involved with a man, you are more likely to have your wits about you and can prevent mismatches and crash-and-burn relationships.

You’ll get used to being treated well.

Life is complicated enough without adding relationship problems to everything else that may be causing you stress. When you expect to be treated well, it becomes very obvious when anything less comes your way. Seeing these problem areas clearly will reduce the chances that you’ll put up with a less than desirable situation. If someone does start treating you poorly, you’ll recognize these red flags and will be motivated to take the necessary steps to change things.

Making an effort to find the best partner in life for you will increase your confidence.

Being treated well is living proof that you deserve to be treated well. It can convince you that you have a right to higher standards, which can lead to you raising the bar of what you expect from people in other areas of your life, like at work, in your family, or peer group. It shows that you are worthy.

A relationship with big problems makes your life more complicated and stressful.

When you’re frequently concerned that he isn’t into you, can’t hear your concerns, or never apologizes, you’ll probably have a nagging sensation that something isn’t right with your world. You have a problem to solve: Will he change? Should you bring it up in a different way? Will you need to break things off? These questions don’t foster a sense of safety or security. They’re a drain on your energy and focus. When you make it a priority to find the right partner for you, then you won’t have to deal with these types of stressors. While no relationship is perfect, a good relationship won’t make you question your sanity on a regular basis.

A good relationship with the best life partner for you improves your life.

When you have a supportive, emotionally available partner, it can benefit your life in a myriad of ways. You feel like someone is in your corner. When life throws challenges at you, you have a best friend to turn to for support. You’re not alone. Feeling accepted, appreciated, and like someone else has got your back will be a stabilizing force in your life.

Do you take the time you need to figure out whether a relationship is the right one for you? Leave us a comment and let us know if there’s anything you want to change in your current approach with dating and relationships.


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