3 Basics That Will Instantly Build Attraction with the Right Man


Women have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to attracting a good man. We’re told that we should be sexy and beautiful, and we spend a lot of time and money trying to improve our appearance. Of course, how you look matters, but in the grand scheme of things, other qualities are much more important.  So, women end up wondering why the beauty improvements they make don’t move the needle when it comes to attracting and keeping the right man for you.

These are the most critical basics that you need to know that will help you instantly build attraction with the right man:

Instantly Build Attraction with the Right Man Basic #1: Set boundaries

Women are often raised to be “nice,” and to please other people. Having the best intentions, you probably want to show that new man how nice and well meaning you are. When you are in a relationship, you may tend to be a giver. That often means it can be very hard for you to say “no” and set boundaries. Boundaries are that line where you decide what is acceptable and what is not. Don’t want him to ask you out on Thursday for Friday night? Can you say “no?”

When you aren’t clear about your boundaries or you can’t say “no” to what you don’t want, you will probably feel taken for granted or taken advantage of. Women often do not realize how the simple act of saying “no” can begin to create powerful attraction with the right man.

Do you have trouble setting boundaries and saying “no” when you are very attracted to a man? Need help with what to say? These books can help you find the right words that fit your personality.

Instantly Build Attraction with the Right Man Basic #2: Take it slow

When you first start the process of meeting and dating a man, it is very important for you to pace the relationship. You will be the one who has to be responsible for slowing things down, because he is likely to want to move fast if he’s attracted to you. Too many women are afraid to discourage a man by making him wait. They fear he’ll go look for another woman. Of course, it’s true that some men will disappear from your life if you slow things down, but if you do it effectively, the right man for you won’t be dissuaded by having to wait. The men who aren’t that into you or who don’t want commitment may figure they will do better elsewhere, but they are not Mr. Right. When men narrow the dating pool for you in this way, it becomes clearer who your best prospects are.

In fact, when you take things slow, you have much more time to find out if you’re right for each other and to build a stronger emotional connection. This is true whether we’re talking about committing to exclusivity, getting sexually involved, moving in together or getting engaged.

Instantly Build Attraction with the Right Man Basic #3: Appreciation

You may think you are showing your appreciation with men, but there are nuances you may not realize. Are you fighting his desire to give to you? If he offers to pay, do you bristle, thinking you’re an independent woman who makes her own money? If he offers you his jacket when you’re cold, do you reject his offer or appreciate the sentiment? Can you accept a compliment?

Some people think of this as receiving his masculine energy. Just know that when a man is trying to make you happy and you reject his offer, he may think he can’t make you happy. Why would he ask you out again if he thinks he won’t be able to make you happy?

A first step is to say, “thank you.” If you want to take it to another level, you can say, “That’s sweet.” Or “I really appreciate that.” Instantly, he senses you are different than the women who are more concerned about being politically correct than how he feels. Many men are starved of appreciation by women who reject their lovely offers of opening their doors or trying to do other nice things. They don’t deserve to be rebuffed for trying to be good men.

Your next success steps:

Which of these attraction basics do you need to work on? Try all 3 of them and see how favorably the right men respond.

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