Can the #MeToo Movement make your dating life better?


No matter what your politics are, the #MeToo movement is changing the world. It’s all over social media and the news. Powerful individuals and institutions are being outed for their disrespectful behavior towards women because of this movement that is taking the world by storm.  

The #MeToo movement is changing the way women are treated in politics and the workplace. But did you know that #MeToo may also improve your dating life in ways you might not have considered? Today’s post will explore how the #MeToo movement is changing the dating landscape and how these changes can improve your relationships.  

In the not-so-distant past, before the #MeToo movement took hold, some men took casual sex for granted. Others pressured women for sex or harassed them at work. Men like this just felt entitled to sexual favors from women. These men were usually in a position of power and privilege, and they viewed women as objects for their amusement, not as human beings with boundaries. And worse, there were few to no repercussions for this type of behavior. Women were left with, “Boys will be boys” and were afraid to make any waves.  

But, the brave tsunami of the #MeToo movement has washed over millions, leaving men more careful and aware of their behavior. In contrast, women are starting to feel more empowered to demand respect from the men in their lives. You might have even started noticing the differences at work or while dating. 

What does the #MeToo movement stand for? It stands for women being seen as more than sex objects. Women have feelings, and they have choices and deserve respect. They have boundaries that should be acknowledged and not crossed.  

Behaviors that men used to think were harmless fun are now making them pause and think, “Could this be considered harassment?” They now have to pay attention to how women react to their behavior and if we are actually interested in them or not. The #MeToo movement compels men to care if women are comfortable with their actions. Men can’t cross the line between flirting and harassment by pushing for sex without respecting women’s boundaries. These changes in men’s behavior and women’s expectations are going to cause the dating landscape to change dramatically, in a good way. 

Are we moving toward a return to courtship? That would be much better for women. Courtship is much more serious than dating.  

When you’re dating, you know it probably won’t last for very long. But with courtship, you’re using the process to determine if the relationship has a future. Because courtship is more serious than dating, it requires more respectful behavior from men. When it comes to courtship, women’s expectations are higher. When a man wants a future with you, the entire courtship process feels completely different. You don’t have to wonder if he’s into you. It’s apparent that he is.  

Can you tell the difference between courtship and dating? 

When you’ve had mostly dating experiences without the courtship part, you start settling for less, because you think ‘less’ is all that’s available to you. Romance and courtship may seem like relics from a bygone era. But the #MeToo movement is starting to change all of that.  

When women start to get used to being valued for who they are and how they feel, they won’t derive their worth from being sexual objects. The more respected women feel in their culture, the less they will think that they have to settle for men who don’t value them. When you start to internalize your inherent value and worth beyond your looks and sex appeal, you’ll contribute to positive changes in the dating culture.  

When women refuse to settle for less than they deserve, they’ll raise the bar for men to treat them with respect, because women will know that they deserve better and won’t accept anything less from the men in their lives.  

But Dr. Susan, what if all I want is something casual? 

That’s okay, too. Maybe you aren’t ready for a serious relationship yet. But regardless of what type of relationship you want, you’re always better off if the man treats you with respect, and cares about your feelings. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is casual or serious. What matters is that your dating partner treats you well. When you start dating, take the time to figure out whether or not he can do that.  

Has the #MeToo movement affected your confidence levels or your dating life? Do you notice any changed behavior on the part of men? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think! 


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