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Drinking and Rape- How to Protect Yourself This St. Patrick’s Day

It may seem like harmless fun to have a few drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, alcohol is a big factor in the incidence of date rape. Simply put, date rape is unwanted sex from a person you know. No one is “owed” sex, not even if they bought you a nice dinner. It also …


How to Stop Letting Your Low Self-Esteem Ruin Your Life

Negative self-talk. People-pleasing. Having trouble making decisions in your own best interest for fear of judgment or losing someone’s approval. These all can be signs of low-esteem, and they could be keeping you from living the life you want and deserve. If this sounds familiar, it could be time to develop your self-confidence. For the …


Should You Use the Three-Date Rule to Decide When to Have Sex?

Charlotte York, the prim and traditional friend from the HBO show Sex and the City, popularized the concept of the “Three-Date Rule.” The idea was that a lady “shouldn’t” have sex with a man until after their third date. But our cultural pressure to be sexual has changed this to “you must decide within three …


Fifty Shades of Confusion: Sexy Love Story or Dangerous Trend for Women?

The wildly popular trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey opened a new dialogue about sex and in some cases even reinvigorated stale sex lives. But it isn’t simply a sexy love story. This series and its subsequent movies have led to a slippery slope, where we’re hitting an even lower low of normalizing sexual violence toward …


When Should I Have Sex with a New Man?

In this modern world of online dating sites like Tinder and the “hook up” culture, the message seems to be clear: Women are expected to say “yes” to sex, and right away. But is that in your best interest? Or are you feeling pressured to act against your instincts? Does the thought of rushing into …


Single Women: Does Media Pressure You to Be Someone You’re Not?

Great strides were made in the last few decades for women, particularly where women were given more choices to find themselves and their individual paths. Women said “no” to being required to conform to the role of a 1950s-style Happy Homemaker. However, rather than follow our own paths, many of us are still conforming, only …


How To Jump-Start Your Unhappy Love Life: 5 Basic Steps

When you reflect on your love life from last year, how did it turn out?  A few bumps along the road to happiness? Or was it one riddled with potholes and breakdowns? If it was the latter, then perhaps this is the year when you try a new route. If decisions you’ve made in the …


Sex With Your Ex: Why You Need To Think Twice

Breakups happen for a variety of reasons, but that often doesn’t mean that passionate flame you once carried for your ex is gone. You might be tempted to see where those old passions could lead, especially if the sex had been good even if the relationship hadn’t. Last week we discussed whether or not you …


How Self-Doubt can SABOTAGE your Love Life

A major key to enjoying dating and having the relationship of your dreams is when you can find the joy in the moment, not just on dates but in your everyday life, too. It’s difficult to envision that happy future you’re wanting to find with the man of your dreams if you’re stuck in negative …


The BEST SECRET You Need to Know for Successful Dating

Maybe you’ve been in the dating pool for a while or you’re just dipping a toe back in after a relationship has come to an end. You might be wondering how to stop having unsuccessful dates and find The Guy you’ve always wanted. To help you discover the best secret to successful dating, let’s start …

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