How the TV Show The Bachelor Is Hurting You

Nothing highlights the problems of today’s dating culture quite like reality TV shows like The Bachelor. In it, a large group of pretty women compete for a hunky man. He doesn’t have to do anything to charm them, or prove he’s interesting or even a nice guy. The women are the ones who do all …


How Fashion & Sex Trends Confuse Your Life

Have you ever been disappointed when the latest fashion trend just didn’t look all that good on you, but you made the purchase anyway? Maybe you bought low-rise jeans and had a muffin top, or the stiletto heels you bought made your feet hurt so badly you wanted to cry. OK, so maybe everything looks …


Dating Despair: How to Find Hope in Your Love Life

If you’re feeling down about being single, you might be having some negative thoughts about yourself. It might feel like your love life is never going to turn around, but don’t despair! I bet you’re making a lot more progress in your love life than you realize, which means you’re getting closer to what you …


Is It Manipulative to Try to Get What You Want from Men?

Dr. Susan gives her perspective and starts a conversation about this tricky question! What’s  your opinion? She’d love to hear from you!               Share This:


What You Need to Know About How Online Dating Sites Can Hurt You

Tom608 wants to meet you! Email him now! Chad223 wants to chat with you! Email him now! John204 made you his favorite! Email him now! Bill32 winked at you! Flirt back right away with a wink or email! Peter41 wants to get to know you! Email him now! Tim37 liked your photo! Respond now! Wink …


5 Secrets You Should Know About Online Dating

Are you unsure about how to successfully date online? There are 5 secrets you need to know! 1-People lie. I’m sorry to have to be the one to break the bad news to you, but many men aren’t telling you the truth in their online dating profiles. The practice of deception is so common that there’s …


Want to Know How to Make Online Dating Easy?

Online dating can be tricky. Unfortunately, there’s no rulebook to guide you. But, there are a few guidelines that can help you get what you want and keep you safe: Wait for him to email. Many dating sites have an option to send a “wink” (or a similar way of showing interest) before sending an …


How to Avoid Online Dating Danger

Dating online has become so common that it’s easy to forget that it can sometimes be dangerous. That’s because you really can’t learn much about someone from an online profile. Sure, you might be able to read all about their job, hobbies, and favorite books, but in reality it’s really easy to lie online. Plus, …


A Recipe for Improving Your Love Life as a Single Woman

In January, did you tell yourself your New Year’s resolution was to find a good relationship? If you’re disappointed with your love life so far this year, maybe it’s time to shake things up in terms of how you’re approaching dating and relationships. Are you making the same mistakes with men over and over again? …


Narcissists and Players Part 1: Turn on Your Radar Now!

The sparks that fly when you’re first getting to know a man can be very exciting. You hope you’re headed for Loveland, so you might forget that the path you’re on might lead to Heartbreak City. Narcissists and players will often leave you hurt. But, if you get good at detecting them, you can walk …

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