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It’s Time To Be Thankful For The Skin You’re In

This week we’ll wrap up our series on thankfulness with a reminder to be thankful for the reflection in the mirror. You matter. You’re beautiful. You are worthy of love. You don’t have to fit anyone else’s agenda for what makes a beautiful, sexy, vital woman, just your own. That, in fact, is what your …


How Embracing Being Single Can Lead You To The Man of Your Dreams

Holidays often mean gatherings with family, friends and coworkers… and maybe even the dreaded, “Why are you still single?” For many women, that question can be frustrating and even a painful reminder of your singlehood. If that’s the case, have you considered a new way to look at being single? At least you’re free of the …


Being Grateful for Who You Are Gets You the Right Man

Last week I talked about showing gratitude to the men in your life in a healthy way. This week in our thankfulness series, I want to remind you how important it is to show gratitude to yourself. Perhaps you’re just starting to love and accept yourself, or maybe you’ve been working hard to love all …


Thankfulness: How Gratitude Can Get You the Relationship You Want

As we approach this holiday season, we’re reminded of how important it is to give thanks. It’s an important emotion, thankfulness, one that cements communities and families. It’s also crucial for your future romantic relationships. Everyone loves to be thanked, and a guy whose efforts get acknowledged by you will feel like a superhero as …


Do You Worry About Making a Good First Impression?

Is your worry about making the best first impression on a date preventing you from putting your real self out there? Maybe you’re just nervous beforehand, but don’t know why, leaving you to feel unsure and off your game when that’s the last way you want to feel before a date. If it feels like …


The BEST SECRET You Need to Know for Successful Dating

Maybe you’ve been in the dating pool for a while or you’re just dipping a toe back in after a relationship has come to an end. You might be wondering how to stop having unsuccessful dates and find The Guy you’ve always wanted. To help you discover the best secret to successful dating, let’s start …


How the TV Show The Bachelor Is Hurting You

Nothing highlights the problems of today’s dating culture quite like reality TV shows like The Bachelor. In it, a large group of pretty women compete for a hunky man. He doesn’t have to do anything to charm them, or prove he’s interesting or even a nice guy. The women are the ones who do all …


How Fashion & Sex Trends Confuse Your Life

Have you ever been disappointed when the latest fashion trend just didn’t look all that good on you, but you made the purchase anyway? Maybe you bought low-rise jeans and had a muffin top, or the stiletto heels you bought made your feet hurt so badly you wanted to cry. OK, so maybe everything looks …


Do You Feel Guilty Saying “No” to Sex? Find Out Why

Whether you’re not ready to get physically intimate with a new man or you’re just not in the mood for sex, there will always come a time when you’ll want to say “no” to a man, about sex or something else. Unfortunately, many women have trouble saying “no” to their date or partner because they …


7 Signs Your Relationship May Be Over

Does your relationship feel rocky, but you’re not sure if it’s just a rough patch or if you should throw in the towel? Here are 7 signs that your relationship may be over: 1-Zero communication. You used to talk about everything. He was your best friend and confidante. Now you’re not talking about what’s important …

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