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Should You Reconsider the Traits You Want in a Partner?

Have you ever wondered why so many women fall for narcissistic men? When I see a woman with a narcissistic man in a restaurant, I see trouble ahead. But, you may not. If you find narcissistic men appealing, it’s not your fault. It’s easy to become influenced by the allure of superficial qualities when we’re …


10 Questions about Relationships to Improve Your Love Life

We’re always learning new things about dating, relationships, and love because there’s a lot for all of us to learn. Looking at your disappointments and mistakes can be painful, but it usually makes a big difference in understanding what we truly seek in a partner and a relationship. If you’re having any kind of trouble …


How to Be a Confident Woman in a Relationship Today

Confidence is not necessary for you to find and keep a good relationship. Surprised? I know, this is the opposite of what you’ve constantly heard. If you believe the unfortunate myth that you must fully love yourself before you can find a partner, it’s not your fault. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how …


Is Chivalry Dead in Dating? Stop Settling for Less

The feminist movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries led to much more power for women in the workplace. But have we also gained more power in our private lives? Maybe not. And there’s one big problem — we may have killed off chivalry. All the old chivalry toward a woman – opening her door, …


How to Avoid Being Manipulated in a Relationship Now

I won’t sugarcoat it – the dating world can be a minefield of deception and manipulation. Fortunately, you can develop an essential skill that will protect your heart and empower you to identify the genuine connection you deserve. Everyone wants to influence their partner’s behavior or perceptions in some way. Manipulators use deceptive or abusive …


How to Get Better at Dating and Change Your Whole Life

People make fun of romance novels and “chick lit,” but love and romance are not frivolous. Spending your life with a partner is a true connection that most of us eventually want. Improving your dating life is a worthy goal because most of the skills that can help you with your love life have far-reaching …


Improve Your Chances of Finding the Man of Your Dreams

In a world where romantic movies portray love as effortless, the reality of finding the man of your dreams is far more complex. It’s a transformative journey that demands preparation and readiness. While it may seem daunting, remember the timeless adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.” So, how can you best …


12 Warning Signs You’re Pushing Him Away and How to Stop

Are you tired of seeing potential partners slip through your fingers, without understanding why? Could you be pushing them away without realizing it? If you’re a single woman yearning for lasting love but can’t seem to hold on to it, then it’s time to take a hard look at your behavior and face the 12 …


How Mental Health Affects Relationships: E. Jean Carroll

One of the highlights of mental health awareness month was the legal battle between writer E. Jean Carroll and former president Donald Trump. Wherever you stand politically, this case demonstrates the long-lasting devastating effects that sexual trauma can have on a woman’s romantic relationships and her entire life. Ms. Carroll was awarded $5 million in …


7 Early Signs He’s Not the One for You When Dating

As a single woman, you know how hard it can be to find a man who feels like the right fit. And, when you finally meet a man who you feel that special connection with, it’s easy to overlook a few issues that could make your relationship complicated. Although you feel really attracted to him, …

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