How to be ready for Mr. Right when he arrives


It’s no secret that the journey to finding Mr. Right can be a frustrating, disappointing process. Dry spells, bad dates, commitment-phobes, and crash-and-burn relationships can leave you feeling like you’ll never meet the right man. Are you unsure of how to date with purpose? My newest course can help. Please sign up for the waiting list here to learn new, better ways to make yourself ready for Mr. Right.

The process of finding the right man can be so frustrating that many women have to take a break from dating. Sometimes, they may even feel that they just can’t take it anymore. Others find the process gross enough that they won’t kiss a few frogs to find their Prince Charming. If you’re having trouble finding your Mr. Right, maybe it’s time to reevaluate what the problem might be.

Could you be doing something that’s sabotaging your chances of connecting with Mr. Right?

When it comes to love, timing is everything. So, if you’re impatient to find love, but you keep running into obstacles and heartache, then it’s time to figure out what’s standing your way; sooner, rather than later.

What are some of the most common ways that women sabotage their chances of finding love?

  • You’ve taken an extended vacation from dating. You are tired of the process, or you think you need to lose ten pounds before you can get back in the game.
  • You refuse to try online dating, although you aren’t meeting any men in person.
  • The only men you’ve met online live too far away.
  • You’ve only met scammers, cheaters, liars, and guys who were comfortable just being pen pals online.
  • You are uncomfortable if you meet a man who doesn’t fit all your criteria, or they aren’t as outgoing or talkative as you.
  • If a nice man writes to you online, you forget to write him back. Or you say something unfriendly, and he loses interest.
  • You don’t know how to flirt, so he thinks you’re uninterested.
  • You can’t seem to figure out what kind of relationship he wants, and you keep getting burned.
  • He seemed to be interested in you, but it fizzled out, and you have no idea why.
  • Men take you for granted, and they don’t treat you well.
  • You have trouble being yourself, and you get uncomfortable on dates.
  • Your lack of confidence often gets in your way.
  • You only meet immature men who aren’t ready for a serious relationship.
  • You do all you can to make him happy, but then he breaks up with you.
  • When you do meet a nice man, you aren’t attracted to him.
  • Every guy you date can’t commit, and they play a lot of games.

It can be so annoying and discouraging to see what issues you have that keep getting in your way of being ready for love. But if you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t do anything to fix it. You’re much better off just facing the facts and being honest with yourself. Knowing what the problem is will give you insight into how to solve it, and help you get on the path for finding the love life you’ve always wanted.

When you take dating into your own hands, you might be scared of getting hurt. This fear can be especially intense if you’ve gone through a traumatic breakup or have been through an abusive or heartbreaking relationship. But women who’ve had a terrible time with past relationships can still heal and find their Mr. Right.

For a lot of women, finding Mr. Right comes down to needing more dating knowledge and dating practice. When you know how and why you keep sabotaging your love life, then you can take the steps necessary to make sure that you’re ready for a happy, healthy relationship with Mr. Right when he arrives.

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