Sunny with a Chance of Love: Your Opportunities This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can feel quite lonely when you are single. It may even seem like the entire world is in a relationship, except you.

That’s far from being true.

Statistics reveal that the proportion of Americans who are living without a partner increased from 39% in 2007 to 42% in 2017. The data shows that the number of adults who are married decreased significantly in the last decade. So, yes, you are part of that demographic too.

Although it may feel like everybody is either happily married or about to tie the knot, the reality is that a lot of people are just like you: single and looking for opportunities. The question is: can you see your possibilities to fall in love?

You Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day Too

This may sound a bit odd, but Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, and you certainly don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate it. However, it is a great opportunity to take a closer and deeper look at where you are right now and where you want to get.

For example, if you are not in the kind of relationship you want, maybe it’s time to start to imagine your almost ideal relationship. That way, you can get an idea of what you’re looking for and the steps you should take to achieve just that.

But, what if you aren’t quite sure about what you want? How will you recognize Mr. Right when he arrives? Well, let’s reframe this and turn it into another learning opportunity.

Yes, one of the most important factors that contribute to happy love life is knowing which men to pass up and which ones to go out with again. Recognizing that you have trouble telling the difference between toxic and true love, it’s a first and crucial step towards identifying the right opportunities that could lead to a happy relationship. Right now, it may feel like you keep falling for the same type, but that can change if you are committed to making some changes in how you approach dating.

Valentine’s Day Can Be Full of Opportunities

If you’re single and not so happy about your single status, then you can look at this Valentine’s Day as a wake-up call. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of the opportunities that you’ve been ignoring or afraid to try. It could also be the perfect moment to work a bit on yourself and try to understand how you’ve ended up here in the first place. What fears are holding you back? Why are you so reluctant to give online dating a chance, for example? What other new things are you willing to try to get out of the vicious circle of bad relationships and unhappiness?

It’s Time to Work on Yourself

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so what better moment than now to start working on yourself a bit too? Do you end up with the same kind of man or relationship? Are you bored or uncomfortable with nice men? Is it hard for you to enjoy yourself on dates?

You may be sabotaging your chances at love and happiness without even realizing it, so it would be wise to work with a coach to try and understand what’s getting in your way. You could also try an online course to learn a new kind of roadmap and approach if what you’re doing now isn’t working for you. This is an excellent way to identify and knock over those relationship patterns that keep you unhappy.

It’s OK Not to Have All the Answers

It’s OK if you aren’t sure what’s going on with your love life. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if the problem is that you are repeating behavior that doesn’t work for you or if there are some underlying issues that are getting in your way. You don’t have to have all the answers at once, but it’s important to make your way towards the root of the problem and start working from there.

The good news is that you can find a lot of information available on my website to help you figure out where to start. You can start by taking this quiz and figuring out whether you’re being your own brand of sexy. Then, you can go from there and come up with a plan that actually fits you.

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