How to Move Forward Now on Your Path to Love


Do you feel stuck on the road to changing your love life for the better? Maybe you feel like you’re trapped in a labyrinth of love, where you wander round and round yet always meet dead ends.

Or do you continuously find yourself in the same types of dating situations that don’t give you what you want? Maybe you feel taken for granted or like men just aren’t that into you. You could feel like he just tends to treat you badly in general.

Even when you feel like you are repeating the same relationship dynamics again and again, it can be extremely difficult to realize what you might be doing to encourage these patterns. It often takes a new perspective to see past the confusion felt by being immersed in a situation. Understanding how you can change yourself to influence your relationships can make your path to love much clearer and bring you closer to having the relationship you’ve always wanted.

You Can Choose to Stop Repeating Your Same Mistakes

It’s easy to blame others for mistakes we make in our lives. In fact, a common problem for women is blaming the men in their lives for issues in the relationship or for not being up to their standards. Other women find themselves repetitively making excuses for men. Whatever the case, what’s important is to realize that you are participating in this relationship too. Instead of blaming our partners, we need to take some measure of responsibility for which men end up in our lives.

Realizing that you too are doing the choosing, that you have a choice whether you want to remain in a relationship like this or not, is a powerful step. That’s why it’s so important to develop your intuition about men – so that you can tell the difference between a nice man and one who’s going to spell trouble for you. Trusting your instincts can help you exercise your right to choose to stick around or not.

That’s what being your own Brand of Sexy is all about! Empowering yourself to figure out what you want, what works for you as an individual, and what approaches will help you best reach your relationship goals, whatever they may be.

Dating can be a difficult process. It’s full of rejection, dry spells, and disappointment. Many women get discouraged along the way and give up, never realizing how to take the steps needed to get what they want. They don’t realize that they can choose to change their lives and, if they do, they often don’t know how. But giving up obviously isn’t an effective strategy for getting what you want. In fact, it guarantees that you won’t get what you want.

Changing your life is work, but it’s worth the effort.

Decide to Escape the Labyrinth of Love

You might be reluctant to do something to change your love life, but how much more time can you waste in limbo? Instead of continuing to wander around the confusing labyrinth of love and relationships, you can decide to gain some perspective on your life and goals. You can decide to escape the endless maze of repetitive, negative relationships.

Is it finally time for you to take some action toward your goals of getting what you want from men?

It’s great to think about how you want to change and what you want to improve, but thinking can only get you so far. In order to start you on the path to getting what you want, attracting Mr. Right and getting top treatment from men, I made my free video training series, 5 Real Love Lessons You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian’s Marriages. It will help you overcome your fears and take some action today!

I’m also offering you a little incentive. All you’ve got to do is share.

Take a Step on Your Path Toward Love Today

You might be forgetting that when you take a step on your journey towards a happy and healthy relationship, it’s progress, no matter how big or small the step. If it’s hard for you to recognize how much you’ve moved forward or to be happy when you’ve made progress, it might be helpful for you to have others to cheer you on. It can be very good for you to celebrate those steps. That’s why we’d love to hear from all of you making any attempt at all to move forward on your paths to love.

Share your stories with me and the Be Your Own Brand of Sexy community via email or video to be entered into a drawing for a dozen roses. Find more details about the drawing in its launch in the first video of my training series, How to Be Attractive to Men, No Matter How You Look. Why not use this activity as a way to make some progress today?

We support you. You’ve got this.

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