How to stay motivated to reach your love life goals.


Working hard to improve your love life is a little bit like trying to reach your fitness goals – results aren’t very obvious in the first few weeks. But persistence is key. It is persistence that will make a huge difference in enabling you to get the results you want. Staying motivated is absolutely critical to helping you reach your love life goals.

Dating can be a very emotional process. You’ll have dry spells, face rejection, and often feel disappointed. It’s all in the name of the game. But remember, looking for love is also an exhilarating journey. The process, no matter how much of it is an emotional roller coaster, is worth it in the end. But the fact remains, staying motivated when you’re up against the not-so-good parts of the dating journey can be challenging.

You might want to avoid rejection, so you decide to take a break from dating to work on your fitness goals instead. Or, you might decide that there are “no good men left” and delete your online dating profile. But ideally, you won’t let the typical dating setbacks completely derail your forward momentum. Below are several tips and pointers to help you stay motivated on your journey to reaching your relationship goals.

  1. Commit to reaching your goals.

It’s easy to say, “I want to find a nice man,” or “I want to get married.” But as you probably know, it’s a lot more challenging to make those things happen when you want to them to happen. When you’ve promised yourself that you won’t give up on your goals, and you’ve committed to reaching those goals, it can make challenging times seem like minor speed bumps and not insurmountable obstacles. If you don’t think you deserve something or you think you can’t do it, it’s important to work on your mindset, so those beliefs don’t stand in your way.

  1. Write down your goals and plans.

Writing down your goals, plans, and also making an effort to track your progress can help you stay on track. Anytime you get discouraged, you can write about it. Journaling your progress and your setbacks can help you make sense of negative emotions, and also help you work through them, so they don’t keep you from continuing on your journey. Also, when you see new areas where you can potentially improve your processes, you can set new goals and make better plans to reach them. Ideally, you’ll also give yourself credit in your accomplishments along the way, whether they are a small or big accomplishment.

  1. Reward yourself.

A simple, quick way to inject a bit of energy into your motivation levels is to attach an award to meeting your deadlines. For example, if you said, “no” to a man when you were afraid to put up a much-needed boundary, consider treating or otherwise rewarding yourself for those types of improvements. You could buy yourself a new lipstick, or that book you’ve wanted to read. What rewards would keep you on track to committing to and reaching your goals?

  1. Stay positive.

Don’t focus on the things you can’t control. Doing that is a prime way of killing your motivation and taking the wind out of your sails. Instead of thinking things like, “I’ll never meet a man who is compatible,” try to focus on the progress you’re making in your dating and relationship skills instead, so you’ll be ready when Mr. Right finally does arrive. Even if your dates aren’t Mr. Right, you’ll want to learn how to enjoy dating practice. Because eventually, he will come along.

  1. Keep the end in mind.

Your ultimate motivator is what you’re already striving for – a happier love life. When you face obstacles, it’s your main reason to keep going. You don’t want to give up on your dreams, or your vision for a brighter future. So, get on the path to knowing precisely what you want.

  1. Get the right support system in place.

Don’t forget to get help. You’ll need mentors and friends while you’re on this journey. Other people can show you new ways of doing things and offer encouragement when you most need it. You’ll want trustworthy people in your corner who are either on this journey themselves or have already found relationship success. You may even need expert advice, and there’s no shame in reaching out to an expert for advice and encouragement. Asking for help is a sign of strength, and we all need it sometimes.

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