New Ebook Coming Soon! What to Say to Men on a Date


Have you ever thought, “I wish I hadn’t said that”?

Many women have, especially when dating.

As intelligent and successful as we may be, we don’t always know what to say to men. When a man asks us personal questions, even ones as seemingly innocent as “What are you doing this weekend?”, the little people-pleaser in us often wants to answer with all the details. We worry that if we don’t, we might mess up the date, even if another part of us is thinking, “Maybe this is too much information.”

It can feel very uncomfortable to withhold information or let a guy know that he’s asked something too personal. When we do, we often don’t sound very playful or fun.

This can create tension and awkwardness on your date.

But you can change all that!

What to Say to Men on a Date is coming soon. It’s an ebook designed to help you easily find answers to 15 of the most common questions that men ask on a date. Sample dating scenarios and several responses for each question will help you figure out what the best answers are for you according to your dating goals and your personality…so you can be your own Brand of Sexy.

Would you please help me figure out which cover looks best for this ebook? I’d love your opinion!

Here they are:
Book Covers

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