Is He Really into You? 3 Excuses to Watch for during the Holidays


What’s a highlight of the winter season for single women that doesn’t involve eating and gift-giving?

Clarity. Now’s the time of year when you can quickly tell if he’s really into you.

The holidays present a wonderful opportunity for you to tell whether that man you’ve had your eye on is really interested in you …or not.

It’s Very Simple: Does He Ask You Out for New Year’s Eve?

The most romantic date nights of the year are Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. If he doesn’t ask you out for those nights, you’re just not his priority. I know this fact can be very painful, but it’s important to be realistic on your dating journey. Why waste a lot of emotional energy on a man who isn’t interested?

Although it’s not what you prefer, he’s doing you a massive favor if he doesn’t ask you out for New Year’s Eve. If he’s not into you, you’re better off cutting your losses now and moving on emotionally to meeting other men. It can be easy to get your heart set on someone and become blind to opportunities with other people.

New Year’s Eve symbolizes the future. Let’s be real: if a man is really into you, he knows that there is no better way to show you that he wants a future with you then ringing in the new year together.

Maybe you’re thinking: “But Dr. Susan, New Year’s Eve isn’t important to me.”

Of course, many people aren’t fond of celebrating New Year’s Eve. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We want to know how much he likes you. If he’s not into New Year’s Eve, he knows how important a New Year’s Eve date is to most women. Even if neither of you wants to do something traditional, you could still spend it together. No matter how you look at it, wanting to share the occasion with you is a sign of his interest.

Who Cares about New Year’s Eve Anyway?

Let’s address some of the most common reasons I hear from women for excusing a man’s absence on New Year’s Eve.

  1. “But Dr. Susan, maybe he’s still away for the holidays.”

It’s simple. Most men will be sure to come back for New Year’s Eve to be with you…if they’re into you. Even if he has family obligations, carving out a couple hours for you in celebration of the new year is still a possibility.

  1. “But Dr. Susan, he works really hard and just can’t take time off”

If he’s really too busy to take time off to celebrate this important night, you may want to think twice about whether this is the right man for you. Even if you don’t care about this night, how will you feel if he’s not around for your birthday or meeting your friends, children, or parents?

  1. “But Dr. Susan, he just doesn’t celebrate the holidays.”

Even if he has never, ever celebrated the new year, he should realize that it is important to you and many other women. Showing appreciation for what is important to you doesn’t require much.

In any of these situations, the most important question is: Will it bother you if he can’t make you a priority? Because that is essentially what it boils down to. The holidays are a very important time to prioritize what’s important to you. If he isn’t prioritizing you, it sends you a clear message about his feelings for you and what a future with him will look like.

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