Old Fashioned Romance Is Back in Style and That’s Actually a Good Thing


Our current adventures with social distancing have truly changed the life of a single person looking for a relationship. In a way, it completely turned it upside down.

If you’re the kind of person used to looking for hookups or basing all your connections on physical chemistry, which rely on you meeting the guy face to face, these days you may be facing a complete halt in your usual activities. Now, you may even be looking for a good conversation with a guy, maybe even some form of companionship as the entire world seems disconnected at the moment.

But answer this: how’s that going? These days, video chatting or texting is the only truly safe way to keep dating. But, if you started on this path, you probably realized the old-fashioned way is a much easier method to see if the guy you’re dating might be compatible with you or not. And to be fair, you’re right. The old fashioned ways, back when they did not have video dating, had developed an entire art form to courtships.

Today, we can talk about a return to courtship, not because society has decided to return to those rigid rules about touching, but because keeping your distance in a time of a pandemic is safer.

What Are the Advantages of Old Fashioned Romance?

Of course, it wasn’t all great in the previous eras of dating. Right now, we are truly living in an age where the woman is liberated to look for the man of her dreams outside of what’s right for the family. She also has the right to leave whenever she chooses, and not waste time with some guy who isn’t right for her.

But let’s not demonize old fashioned romance just yet because it does have some pretty big advantages, especially if you adapt it to modern times:

  1. It Can Protect Your Heart

Waiting until you get physically involved with a guy allows you to take your time and find out what kind of man he is, and if you can trust him.

It’s not uncommon for people to become attached or emotionally connected to a person after you touch them or have sex with them. The media tends to portray women as crazy for doing so, but know this is perfectly normal, human even.

But when you become attached to a man, it can be harder to see those crucial faults that end up dooming a relationship. When you keep your distance, you can be more objective about the prospects for your future.

  1. Actually See If You’re Compatible

For women who prioritize physical chemistry, other aspects of a relationship like if the guy is a good communicator or if you like his sense of humor are often left on the sidelines. But these are the qualities you, in the end, really look for in a guy.

How can you build a life with him if he’s not a good communicator? Or how can your relationship make you happy if you can’t feel like you can have fun with the guy if you have different views on what fun is? These are not things you can change in each other later on, no matter how much you both try. The more time you take to know him before you jump the shark, the better picture you’ll get of whether you might build a future with him.

  1. You See If He’s Into You

Relationships are two-way streets, and you don’t just have to focus on what you’re doing here. What’s he doing to earn your trust? Is he respectful of your boundaries? Is he pushing you to move forward a little too much, almost ignoring the signs that you’re clearly not ready yet?

Going the old fashioned dating route helps you see if he’s looking to build something long-term, or just using you to pass the time until the pandemic is over and he can go back to having fun. Guys looking to build something know they must respect your boundaries and earn your trust, so they’re willing to take it slow even when it comes to online dating, where some things may seem put in fast forward.

  1. Builds Mystery and Chemistry

The idea that if sparks don’t fly right away, then they never will is a myth. Yes, sometimes chemistry is there from the get-go, but sometimes it’s not.

When you don’t know what that first kiss will be like, or what you’ll feel when you first grab his hand, you are creating an air of mystery that often leads to chemistry – and it keeps in going longer. You genuinely won’t know if you two are a good fit until you are together, so he won’t know right at the beginning where he stands. This is kind of a turn on for men because they get the signal that they need to try harder to court you, which is very enticing especially for guys who are used to getting what they want (sex, usually) with little to no effort.

Remember the old saying that absence can make the heart grow fonder? It’s true!

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