Do You Really Have Sexual Freedom?


Are you truly free? With so many of us trying so hard to be sex objects, is that really sexual freedom? Maybe you’d like to believe that you’re free, but there are hidden forces at work that may be influencing you without your full knowledge.  Since we all want to be “normal,” in many situations we tend to follow the crowd. But being truly free requires us to follow our own path instead.  For example, do you compare your looks to other women? Have you ever worried that you aren’t attractive enough? Have you spent money on cosmetics or surgery to solve your “problem?” Our culture bombards us with images of increasingly unrealistic and unattainable faces and bodies. We want to be “normal” so we want to look like them. They are what we believe to be “sexy.” That isn’t empowering us. 91% of women are unhappy with how they look.

Another hidden force that might be influencing you is the pressure to be sexual. Have you ever wondered if a guy was really into you? Or wondered how long to wait to have sex? Have you ever worried that a guy might expect sex right away and that you might lose him if you wanted to wait? Many women today feel pressured to have sex quickly. That isn’t sexual freedom.  That doesn’t empower women. That isn’t helping your love life.  We went from “if you have sex before marriage, you’re a tramp” to “if you’re a virgin, you’re a prude.” We forgot the meaning of liberation: the freedom to choose for yourself.

Imagine what would happen if you felt that real freedom was inner beauty rather being a slave to this tyranny of external beauty.

Imagine what would happen if you felt that real freedom was being treated well by men rather than having lots of sex.

Imagine what would happen if other women supported these new perspectives rather than pressuring you to conform to the same old toxic sexual beliefs.

That’s freedom!

Real freedom is being your own Brand of Sexy. That means figuring out what you want, what works for you as an individual, and what strategies will help you get the kind of relationship you want.

Start changing your perspective today. You have the opportunity to change your mindset, your love life, and the world! Help your sisters, your daughters  and yourself. Support a new revolution that encourages each woman to decide what’s best for her, regardless of the cultural expectations. We each can be our own Brand of Sexy!

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