What Can Navy Seals Teach You about Your Strength and Success with Dating?


Countless tips and secrets can help you with dating. The trouble is, when dating gets too hard, most people might give up before they learn them.

You may be in this situation too.

After numerous failed dates, you may be ready to throw in the towel before you meet Mr. Right.

Often, the most difficult part of dating is just sticking with it when it becomes challenging. After all, who enjoys bad dates, rejection, and heartbreak and wants to sign up for more?

Winston Churchill said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Those are some great words of wisdom but the hard truth is few of us can pull off stumbling from failure to failure without it taking a toll.

Well, except Navy seals maybe!

Navy seals are the masters of the 40% rule.

It goes something like this: When you feel exhausted and think you can’t take any more, you are really only 40% done.

In other words, you are a lot stronger than you think.

As a psychiatrist, I know that not everyone is as fit or mentally tough as those Navy seals. I am not sure if there is any science to back up the 40% claim either. But I do know that people often underestimate their ability to keep going when times are tough and painful, especially if there is no end in sight. It’s why so many give up on dating.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” is how Jon-Kabat-Zinn describes his teaching of mindfulness.

Simply put, there are ways to become more resilient so that you can bounce back when the waves of life try to knock you down. These simple tricks can help you to stay afloat, enjoy life, and keep reaching your goals.

Here are a few ways to improve the inner strength that will help you succeed with dating:

Improve Your Inner Strength and Succeed with Dating Way #1: Get Support

Strong, positive relationships that offer comfort and acceptance make the dark times less dreary when you have somebody to listen to and offer sympathy and compassion. Eliminate toxic people from your life and get professional help if you need it.

Improve Your Inner Strength and Succeed with Dating Way #2: See the Opportunity to Grow

Most of us learn more about ourselves during periods of adversity than in the good times. None of us escape the suffering of life, so the tough times make us able to better understand and empathize with others who have had hardships. You might be able to learn from mistakes you have made so that you prevent similar problems from happening again.

Improve Your Inner Strength and Succeed with Dating Way #3: Find Purpose and Meaning

When you learn the skills to get through adversity, you can share what you learned with others. Helping others can feel rewarding and might make you feel there was some value to your suffering.

Improve Your Inner Strength and Succeed with Dating Way #4: Be Optimistic and Grateful

I get it: dating is hard. But, having hope for the future helps you endure the bumpy road of life. When you are grateful for the good in your life, it provides balance to the sadness you experience.

Improve Your Inner Strength and Succeed with Dating Way #5: Take Good Care of Yourself

Neglecting your health and well-being when you are stressed sabotages your chance to rebound. Eat right, get enough sleep, stay active and do things you enjoy.

Your Next Success Steps

You can keep moving forward with dating when you work on your resilience.

Which of the ways listed above do you need to work on to help you get stronger so that dating becomes easier?

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