What happens after Valentine’s Day matters


So much has been written about how to make the best out of Valentine’s Day when you’re not in a relationship. That kind of advice can be very helpful. Valentine’s Day can be hard enough even when you’re not wallowing with sadness, chocolate, and self-criticism. Getting through the initial gloom and loneliness of February 14th can be a huge relief for singletons. But then what? What happens when Valentine’s Day is over? 

Do you just make it through that stressful day, and then go back to business as usual? If you can’t take action to change your situation, then pretty soon, Valentine’s Day 2020 will be here. You run the risk of being in the same position a year from now. You deserve better than that. 

Or, do you realize you want more for your love life, and take steps to improve and change your situation? Maybe you’re unsure if you even have the power to change your love life for the better. 

It’s not helpful to be overly critical of yourself, especially on such an emotionally charged day like Valentine’s Day.  But, it’s okay to acknowledge when you need a little help and reach out for it. Repeating old patterns or not getting what you want from men is discouraging. Repeated disappointment in dating also doesn’t help your motivation, morale, or confidence to go out, meet, and date new people. 

So, how do you know after Valentine’s Day that you need and want more for your love life? The questions below can help you narrow down your focus and figure out what needs to be changed so you can reach your relationships goals. Be honest with yourself when asking these questions:

  • Have you spent more than one Valentine’s Day alone, when what you really wanted was to spend it with a supportive, caring partner?
  • Do you ever feel like your romantic life is stuck in quicksand, with no forward momentum?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever find true love?
  • Are you tired of being alone?
  • Do you have no idea why you can’t meet anyone?
  • Or do you have some inkling of why you can’t meet anyone, but you’re afraid to think about it too deeply?
  • Do you sabotage your chances at finding Mr. Right?

It’s time to transform your love life. But it can be a steep learning curve to figuring out what you want, and how to get it in dating and love. Let me shorten your learning curve.

The course, How to Be Your Own Brand of Sexy in 5 Simple Steps just launched. It’s only days old, and already the course is helping many women like you find their Mr. Right.

What can you learn in the course?

The course is designed to teach women how to be irresistible to the right kind of men without compromising their values or selling themselves short. When you sign up for the course, you’ll quickly learn how to enjoy the dating process. Yes, enjoy dating, not just endure it! And the course will show you the way to finding your Mr. Right. 

Throughout the course modules, I’ll take you by the hand and show you all you need, and more, to make dating a success. You’ll discover how to trust your inner radar, so you’re better at weeding out the guys who are trouble, leaving you only with the good ones. I have decades of experience guiding and teaching women how to get what they want out of love, and with the course, you’ll get exclusive access to the methods I’ve refined and used to help hundreds of my clients find true, lasting love. 

For so many women, finding their Mr. Right comes down to needing more dating knowledge, and dating practice. When you know how and why you keep sabotaging your love life, then you can take the steps necessary to make sure you’re ready for a happy, healthy relationship with Mr. Right when he arrives. 

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could tell, without a doubt, which guys are into you, which guys are real trouble, and which one of those men is your Mr. Right?

I’ll show you step-by-step how to find out in the comprehensive course, How to Be Your Own Brand of Sexy in Five Simple Steps. Get ready to transform your love life forever!

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