Is Modern Dating Hurting Your Chance for Blissful Love?

We all know that the pressure on women today to be sexy and sexual causes many problems. Have you considered that it’s likely to be hurting your love life too? Here are some examples of what happens when women let our cultural pressures guide them: – Using the latest trendy dating app, Megan says she’s …


Find Your Path to Love in 2017!

Was 2016 a disappointing year for your love life? If you’re single, were you hoping there would be a new man in your life by now? If you’re dating someone, did you think he would propose by now? That’s OK. It’s all behind you now. That’s what a new year is all about. It’s a …


Social Media Danger: How It Can Break Your New Relationship

It’s no surprise that introducing social media into your budding relationship has the potential to backfire. There are good reasons why women who want a serious relationship often don’t introduce their new man to their friends until they’re sure the relationship has some real possibility. And social media is a lot like bringing him into …


Thankfulness: How Gratitude Can Get You the Relationship You Want

As we approach this holiday season, we’re reminded of how important it is to give thanks. It’s an important emotion, thankfulness, one that cements communities and families. It’s also crucial for your future romantic relationships. Everyone loves to be thanked, and a guy whose efforts get acknowledged by you will feel like a superhero as …


How Self-Doubt can SABOTAGE your Love Life

A major key to enjoying dating and having the relationship of your dreams is when you can find the joy in the moment, not just on dates but in your everyday life, too. It’s difficult to envision that happy future you’re wanting to find with the man of your dreams if you’re stuck in negative …


Why Do Men Disappear?

Why Do They Disappear? Have you ever met someone who seemed nice but then disappeared into thin air (and they weren’t a professional magician)? Maybe you had exchanged a few promising emails online or you had a couple of good dates, and then—poof! They disappeared without any explanation. What happened? This phenomenon is especially common …


New Year, New Love Life!

How’s your first month of the New Year going? If you have the New Year blues, you aren’t alone. The New Year is often a time of reflection, and when all the parties and festivities are over, it can be hard to take a closer look at your life. If things haven’t panned out the …


Is He Over His Ex?

  No one wants to be a rebound girlfriend for a guy who still has feelings for his ex, especially if you are looking for a healthy, committed relationship. Dating a guy who is stuck in his past relationship is frustrating and painful, and it probably won’t lead to happily ever after for you. So …


How to Keep A Keeper!

  When it comes to dating, finding a “keeper” can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Then, when we finally meet a great guy, the excitement can spiral into a fear of losing him. If we worry so much about keeping the relationship moving in the right direction, we can drive ourselves …


Why Men Pull Away

These days, a man often pulls away from a woman just when she thinks things are going great between them. She’s decided he’s “the one,” and he stops texting out of the blue. It’s a very common dynamic, and it causes many women confusion and heartache. Why does this happen? 1.    Our culture no longer …

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