Are You Too Old for Dating Success?

Recently, someone commented on my Facebook feed that dating wasn’t going to pay off for her. Why did she say this? According to the commenter, she wasn’t having any dating success because men simply don’t like middle-aged women. And she is a middle-aged woman. So, is there a dating age range for finding true love? …


Ghosting: Now You See Me Now You Don’t

What is “ghosting?” Ghosting is a “now you see me, and now you don’t,” type of dating tactic where one person ends a relationship by disappearing. I’ve read a lot of opinions about ghosting that mostly say it’s a terrible, rude, insensitive practice. People think that ghosting doesn’t give the ghosted “closure.” People make it …


How Do You Figure Out Where Your Relationship Stands?

In art and literature, the season of autumn represents both maturity and ripeness. Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” How do you know whether your relationship with a man will bloom like spring or lead to a cold, lonely winter? You may think the easiest way …


Are Men Intimidated by Confident Women? Is It Important?

Many women think they shouldn’t display their brains or skills because men might find it intimidating. If you’re a confident, successful woman who is actively trying to date, you might be concerned that you that men might not approach you. It’s understandable that you would feel this way. Society wants to tell strong women who …


Does Being 45 and Single Kill Your Chance at Marriage?

Last week, we discussed the many ways singles are discriminated against. From “smug marrieds” thinking you could never be happy as a single lady, to having society judge you harshly for being uncoupled, single status can be a heavy burden to bear. In the last article, I neglected to mention the word frequently used in …


Why is Being Unmarried Such a Big Deal?

Do people discriminate against you for being single? If you were raised to believe that women shouldn’t be alone after a certain age, it could be difficult to overcome this childhood programming. But, being single and happy is possible. Just look at Oprah. I’ve started answering people’s questions on Quora, a popular Q and A …


Is This a Good Relationship? How to Find One

Being in a good relationship is not only beneficial for your soul and emotional well-being, but it’s also good for your physical health, too. Healthy relationships have been found to help people live longer and happier lives, and the proof is backed by long-term scientific studies on the subject. Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts …


How Time Can Help Your Love Life

I recently went to a Rolling Stones concert that was absolutely incredible. Those sage British philosophers played one of their classic songs from the 60s that can provide you with some timeless advice about your love life. It’s called “Time Is on My Side.” Do you ever feel like time in relationships is not on …


Why Can’t You Find the Love You Want?

So many people want romantic love in their lives, but they can’t seem to find it. If you’ve ever wondered, “why can’t I find a boyfriend?” You’re not alone. Of course, it can be tough to meet the right person, but often, the elusiveness of love is much more complicated.  Are you wondering why you’re …