Dating a Divorced Man Beware of These 7 Red Flags

Dating a Divorced Man? Beware of These 7 Red Flags

When you start to date and come across a divorced man, some alarm bells might go off. Women often worry about dating a man who’s divorced. After all, why did he separate from his wife? Will history repeat itself with you as well? How can you tell which divorced men are actually keepers, and which …

7 Tricks to Act More Confident (Even If You're Not)

7 Tricks to Act More Confident (Even If You’re Not)

A 2011 survey about how confident managers feel in their profession found that half of the female respondents reported self-doubt about their job performance. On the other hand, fewer than a third of the male respondents said the same thing. Despite the tremendous strides women have made, this lack of female confidence is increasingly well …

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