No, Just Wishing for Love Is Not Enough

Writer and historian Washington Irving famously once said that “Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.” And in all honesty, you should leave your wishes for your Amazon shopping lists. The rest? Meaning love, marriage, a great career, strong family ties, all these shouldn’t be just wishes. They should be your goals. Because there’s a …


Marriage Is an Exclusive Club: Want to Be a Member?

Marriage as an institution is evolving. Back in the days, it was all about property and procreation while nowadays the focus has moved on to companionship, love, and equal partnership. Marriage is also one of those topics everyone has an opinion about. Some think that it’s no longer necessary, that it contributes to the oppression …


Envisioning Your Success Can Unlock the Future

It’s a New Age belief that if you can envision and imagine your goal has come true, then the universe will somehow make it happen through a magical, inspiring process of electromagnetic engineering. Now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, positive thinking regarding your goals for romance can take center stage. But what exactly does the …


Why You Need to Find the Best Life Partner

When you’re lonely, you might think any relationship with any man will work, at least for a while. You may not be looking for anything long-term, or you might tell yourself that finding a serious relationship isn’t in the cards for you. Women often think self-limiting thoughts about dating, like, “I’m too old.” “Nobody wants …


The Most Important Dating Advice for Older Women

The dating world is never easy, even though it’s worth the struggle and quest if you want to find Mr. Right. When you’re young and out in the dating world, you’re faced with certain hardships and also advantages. It’s easy to look at the time you spent as a younger person on the dating scene …


Why Are You Pushing Love Away?

More than half of people ages 18 to 34 are single. For those older than 30, a little less than half are still single. If you aren’t coupled up yet but want to be, then it’s only natural to wonder why you’re still single and what you can do to change that. So, let’s be …


Single Moms: Do Men Avoid You Like the Plague?

One of my Facebook followers says men don’t date single moms. So in her opinion and experiences, a single mom’s chances of meeting anyone are zero. I don’t believe this. I know many single moms who’ve found Mr. Right and married them. Anecdotes aside, it’s best to have facts and numbers in your arsenal to …