How to Show Yourself Love on Valentine’s Day

How to Show Yourself Love on Valentine’s Day

Feeling down about being single on Valentine’s Day? Wondering when it’ll be your turn to celebrate? Before you grab that pint of ice cream, consider taking better care of yourself this Valentine’s Day. You can use Valentine’s Day to show some love to the most important people in your life – starting with yourself. Don’t …


What is Ghosting Someone and How You Can Get Over It

What is “ghosting?” Ghosting is a “now you see me, and now you don’t,” type of tactic that can occur with dating where one person ends a relationship by disappearing. Depending on the intensity of the relationship that has ended, people can feel rejected. When you read about ghosting, people often say it’s a terrible, …


How to Cope when You’ve Been Cheated on

Infidelity in a close relationship can be devastating because it’s a betrayal. Your partner doesn’t make your feelings a priority. His secret behavior appears to be more important than you. Everything you thought about your love story seems to fall apart. Your feelings can be similar whether he cheated on you physically or if he …