Why Finding the Right Man Is Like House Hunting

What’s your strategy when you’re looking for a relationship? Yes, that’s right – strategy. Because finding love will be incredibly difficult if you just go with the “I’m attracted to this guy, therefore let’s start dating” principle. You need to have a very specific approach to the process of finding a man. If you just …


Is the Fear of Failure Keeping You from Finding Love?

“Most people who fail in their dreams fail not from lack of ability but from lack of commitment.” Author and speaker Zig Ziglar said this, underlining the importance of not just picturing your goals and dreams, but having the drive and putting in the work to achieve them. But there’s another component in the process …


No, Just Wishing for Love Is Not Enough

Writer and historian Washington Irving famously once said that “Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.” And in all honesty, you should leave your wishes for your Amazon shopping lists. The rest? Meaning love, marriage, a great career, strong family ties, all these shouldn’t be just wishes. They should be your goals. Because there’s a …


Marriage Is an Exclusive Club: Want to Be a Member?

Marriage as an institution is evolving. Back in the days, it was all about property and procreation while nowadays the focus has moved on to companionship, love, and equal partnership. Marriage is also one of those topics everyone has an opinion about. Some think that it’s no longer necessary, that it contributes to the oppression …