The Perfect Cure to a Struggling Love Life


The Best Solution to a Struggling Love Life

I’ll be honest with you.

There’s a lot that goes into building a happy love life, but making good decisions about what to do on your dating and relationship path is perhaps one of the most important skills you need.

If you are here to learn more about building a happy love life, then you should rejoice: I have some great tips for you.

But first..

Unfortunately, there can be a lot of confusion about making decisions regarding dating and relationships. So, let’s make a few things clear

A Little Psychology to Help Your Mindset

People are going to give you a lot of well-intended though conflicting (and often unsolicited) advice about how to build a happy love life, and you have to be able to decide what’s best for you.

As women become more and more emancipated, we were told that there are certain things we needed to do to be perceived as “modern” women. We’re told that it’s passive to sit around and wait for a man to call. We should ask them out, pay for dates, have casual sex, ask for what we want.

But, we seem to have gotten things wrong. Having more power is actually about making our own choices, not having a new list of expectations to meet.

The Perfect Cure for Building a Happy Love Life: in 3 Steps

Yes, that’s right: it only takes three steps to find the cure to a struggling love life. Granted, each one takes quite a lot of work and introspection and uncovering what really matters to you.

Love Life Building Step #1 – Know Yourself

So, of course, you have to know yourself to figure out what kind of relationship you want. The challenge is making sure that you aren’t swayed by other people’s opinions when they have a different approach to dating and relationships than you do.

Sure. There are going to be times when another person’s perspective can be very valuable. So, how can you tell when you should listen to another person’s opinion and when do you let your inner guidance show you the way?

If you aren’t sure, then being true to yourself might be an issue for you.

Tune into yourself by becoming more aware of what you want and whether you’re letting others pull you away from your true self. Do you have a strong emotional reaction to opinions that differ from yours? Even if you do the opposite of what they suggest, you may be letting them influence you.

You don’t have to change anything yet. Just be very honest with yourself and become more aware of what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

I’ll offer you a free quiz to take later on in this article to help you sort this out. But first, you have 2 more steps to give you the big picture.

Love Life Building Step #2 – Say “Yes” to What You Want and “No” to What You Don’t Want

Challenge yourself to begin to make changes to your love life based on your true desires. I am not suggesting that you should make dramatic changes overnight, but start small and easy and gradually build up from there.

For example, you might start by politely telling your mother’s friend again that no thanks you don’t want to be fixed up with her good-looking but arrogant nephew, even though he’s “quite a catch.”

Love Life Building Step #3 – Find out What Works for You

If you’re struggling a bit with taking these first steps, don’t worry –there’s no embarrassment in asking for help and getting some support. Many of us are raised to be people-pleasers and when we stand up for ourselves, there’s a real possibility that the other person won’t be pleased—no wonder it can be a little scary.

For instance, if a man asks you a personal question, you don’t have to answer directly. You can say, “I’m not comfortable discussing that right now.” It will take a lot of work and quite some uncomfortable moments, but it’s the only way to truly learn what you want and what works for you.

Did You Say Something About a Quiz?

Getting to know yourself and understanding what you actually want from your love life is a difficult journey, but one that you must take nonetheless. It can be hard and you may not even know where to start from, but that’s why I am here for.

I promised earlier that I can help you to get to know yourself better. So, here’s my free quiz to discover your personal dating style.

Grab the free quiz here.

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