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Do You Really Have Sexual Freedom?

Are you truly free? With so many of us trying so hard to be sex objects, is that really sexual freedom? Maybe you’d like to believe that you’re free, but there are hidden forces at work that may be influencing you without your full knowledge.  Since we all want to be “normal,” in many situations …


How to Stop Letting Your Low Self-Esteem Ruin Your Life

Negative self-talk. People-pleasing. Having trouble making decisions in your own best interest for fear of judgment or losing someone’s approval. These all can be signs of low-esteem, and they could be keeping you from living the life you want and deserve. If this sounds familiar, it could be time to develop your self-confidence. For the …


How to Improve Your Life by Being Nicer to Yourself

“My thighs are too fat.” “My breasts are so weird…” “Ugh. My stomach sticks out too far.” Sound familiar? It’s hard not to get down on ourselves when it comes to appearance. We are constantly bombarded by airbrushed images of perfect-looking models and celebrities. And with those “perfected” images comes the subconscious decree: Look like …


Make This the Year You Decide You’re Lovable

Valentine’s Day when you’re single can be frustrating or even heartbreaking. Everywhere you turn it seems the world is celebrating other people’s love and their relationships. Maybe you’ve recently gotten out of a bad relationship or you’re been out of the dating game for a while, but the feeling is the same: When will it …


Single Women: Does Media Pressure You to Be Someone You’re Not?

Great strides were made in the last few decades for women, particularly where women were given more choices to find themselves and their individual paths. Women said “no” to being required to conform to the role of a 1950s-style Happy Homemaker. However, rather than follow our own paths, many of us are still conforming, only …


It’s Time To Be Thankful For The Skin You’re In

This week we’ll wrap up our series on thankfulness with a reminder to be thankful for the reflection in the mirror. You matter. You’re beautiful. You are worthy of love. You don’t have to fit anyone else’s agenda for what makes a beautiful, sexy, vital woman, just your own. That, in fact, is what your …


How Self-Doubt can SABOTAGE your Love Life

A major key to enjoying dating and having the relationship of your dreams is when you can find the joy in the moment, not just on dates but in your everyday life, too. It’s difficult to envision that happy future you’re wanting to find with the man of your dreams if you’re stuck in negative …


How Fashion & Sex Trends Confuse Your Life

Have you ever been disappointed when the latest fashion trend just didn’t look all that good on you, but you made the purchase anyway? Maybe you bought low-rise jeans and had a muffin top, or the stiletto heels you bought made your feet hurt so badly you wanted to cry. OK, so maybe everything looks …


Do You Make Excuses for Being Single?

Many single women looking for a relationship make excuses about why they haven’t met a good man. Often, they do this because they might feel a little defensive about being single. It’s a very common and normal thing to do, but it’s not always helpful. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you? 1. …


Unhappy With Your Body? You’re Not Alone.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and wish something was different? Maybe you want thinner thighs, a bigger chest, or a smaller waist.  If any of these thoughts sound familiar, you aren’t alone. A shocking number of women are unhappy with their bodies. One survey showed that 60% of adult women and 78% …

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