3 Ways to Make Your Holidays Single-Friendly


When you’re single, it’s easy to feel like the winter holidays were meant for couples. All the family gatherings, cozy evenings, and +1 invites can make it seem as if everyone is sharing the joys of the season with that “someone special” except for you.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

You can approach this holiday season with a new perspective that embraces your singledom with open arms. Even if you tend to feel more emotional than usual over the holidays, there are some tips and tricks that can help you feel not only great to be single, but at an advantage.

Say goodbye to stressing over the dreaded “Why are you still single?” question and worrying about feeling sad or self-conscious. Use these tips to have a better holiday this year than ever.

How to Enjoy this Year’s Festivities when Single

  1. Recognize that you are single – not alone. There are plenty of single people out there. In fact, now unmarried people outnumber married people in the US (although some of these unmarried people may be in a relationship). There’s really nothing for you to feel self conscious about. You are still looking for your match – where’s the wrong in that?
  2. Instead of spending your internal energy on unpleasant feelings, work on bettering yourself. You can try gaining more confidence so that you feel more comfortable in these situations, for example. You can take a step towards being your own Brand of Sexy – meaning figuring out what you want, what works for you as an individual, and what steps will help you achieve your relationship goals. You can appreciate your successes in the past year and think about what you would like to do differently in the upcoming year.
  3. When someone asks you about being single, choose a new response that feels right for you and reflects your personality. Remember that you don’t have to answer any uncomfortable questions about your love life. Often women are raised to be polite at all costs, so we feel like we can’t refuse to answer a question, even if we don’t want to discuss it. That simply isn’t the case.

Maybe you don’t want to talk about this subject with strangers, family, or friends – that’s okay. You could make a joke like, “If I wasn’t single, what would my mother have to talk about?” and make light of it in some other way. Or maybe you’d rather smile and change the subject with, “How do you know our host?” Whatever makes you feel more comfortable is the right answer for you. For more ideas on how to handle this question, read here.

Celebrate Your Singledom

Don’t forget all the good things about being single. When you’re in a relationship, you commit a lot of time and energy to someone else, so you have much less time for yourself. Being single is a time to do all the things you’ve wanted to do, like discovering yourself, making new friends, finding new hobbies, traveling, etc. It’s a great time to decide what it is that you want out of life and out of a partner.

And most importantly, don’t forget everything you’re doing right.

Your life is not on hold until you find a partner. You’re beginning to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. You are still designing your dream relationship. Figuring all this out takes time. Having more time for yourself is a huge benefit of being single.

Be Your Own Brand of Sexy

Want more help in changing your single state while you appreciate being single?  If you’d like a step by step guide to help you on your journey, be one of the first to sign up for my new short course: How to Become Your Own Brand of Sexy in 5 Simple Steps. Look out for our series of posts in January that will help you reach your personal and relationship goals in record time.

Join us in working towards being our own Brand of Sexy and having the relationships we’ve always wanted.

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