Is a Better Love Life Worth a Challenge?


“Yeah… but that’s easier said than done.”

How many times have you heard someone say this, right before they give up on their goals? How often do you hear yourself saying something like this before you give up on your goals? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself whether your goal of having a better love life is worth some struggle.

When people see a challenge as a negative, they forget the benefits to struggling toward a goal. Believe it or not, you can gain a lot by challenging yourself. When you’re doing it right, you’re growing. That means you can see bits of progress all along the way. That can increase your sense of accomplishment, which will start to improve your self-confidence and sense of satisfaction.

How to See a Challenge as an Opportunity for Growth

So, what’s more important to you – not having to work too hard or actually achieving your goals?

When you are clear about what you want to accomplish, it can help you set priorities, make better decisions, and create new habits. Recognizing challenges as opportunities for growth can help you start to appreciate your efforts and not have so much fear of confronting something difficult like failure or rejection.

Maybe you want to avoid pain and struggle…. maybe you think life will be easier if you do. But how will you feel in ten years when you’re no closer to your goals? You may have a lot of regrets that you didn’t take action sooner and face your fears head-on. That’s not the kind of pain you can avoid very easily.

Think about it. Do you accept a date with a man who you’ve gone out with before who doesn’t treat you very well, or do you stay home and make the effort to read a book about getting what you want from men? Do you have casual sex with someone who isn’t really into you or do you pass on that offer so that you can get used to only getting top treatment from men? Some of these changes may be easier to make than you think. Making a few simple choices can change the path you continue to travel on now.

Sally had to learn this lesson:

Sally used to be very unhappy with her love life. She had wished she could find someone to get serious with, but spent most of her time dating men who weren’t that into her and took her for granted. When her friends told her that she could find men to treat her better, she couldn’t help thinking it was easier for them to say that than for her to do it – they didn’t understand how hard it was for her to meet men.

Sally recently came across a good deal for her to join an online dating site. She figured she had nothing to lose if she signed up. She didn’t have to meet anyone if she didn’t want to. After reading a post about how to be treated better by men, she decided she wouldn’t meet any man online unless he wrote her a very nice email and sounded very respectful and interested in meeting. She tried to use this approach on the dates she met online, and was surprised to find it actually helped her enjoy herself and appreciate her dates. Even more, she was amazed to see how much more at ease her date seemed to be and how eager he was for the next date.

She now realizes that, although it was difficult to try a new approach, it was worth the hard work.

Committing to a long-term vision can give you purpose and help you stay motivated and focused in the short-term, even when difficulties arise. It forces you to stay accountable to yourself. Just look at Sally – she was finally able to start changing her life when she decided that it was more important to make progress towards her goals than to avoid the challenges blocking her path.

In short, a challenge can be your friend.

Embrace the Challenge to Make Progress Now

Don’t postpone starting the path towards your new love life another day!

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