Is Communication Enough?

Many women today don’t get the commitment that they want from men. When I give talks on this subject, a man in the audience often asks, “But isn’t the problem just communication? Wouldn’t a woman’s problems be solved if she just spoke up about she wants?” This is partly true, but it’s not the whole …


Unhappy With Your Body? You’re Not Alone.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and wish something was different? Maybe you want thinner thighs, a bigger chest, or a smaller waist.  If any of these thoughts sound familiar, you aren’t alone. A shocking number of women are unhappy with their bodies. One survey showed that 60% of adult women and 78% …


How to Attract Your Ideal Partner

Most single women have an idea of what type of man they want to be with. Many women even make The List – you know the one, the list that says things like “must be at least 6 ft tall with brown hair and blue eyes, must have a stable job, must like kids, must …


How to Help Yourself Through a Breakup

When a relationship ends, how do you feel? Do you have trouble sleeping, lose interest in everything, or just feel lousy? There’s a very good reason why breakups are so difficult for us—human beings are built for attachment. We might be independent, adult women, but we never outgrow that basic need for connecting with other …


Being Lovable Right Now

I’m too fat to find a man. I’m not smart enough. I’m not pretty enough. I do not come from a good family. I’m too old. Any of those thoughts sound familiar? These are just some of the self-defeating messages that run through our minds when we date. I’ve heard them over and over again …

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