Dating a Man with Children? Here are the Top 5 Realities

Do you want to date a man with children? Numbers show that over 60% of men over the age of 15 and over 75% of men over 40 have kids, so you may find yourself asking this question at some point. Many men who have children love them and take their responsibilities very seriously. It …


3 Reasons Why Your Mindset Can Attract or Repel the Right Man

You may worry about wearing the right outfit or talking too much on your date. But you know what? Those are just minor offenses in the grand scheme of your dating life. So, what is the biggest factor that is most likely to attract or repel him? Your mindset. If you have a negative bias …


7 Ways to Improve Your Mindset So You Can Attract the Right Man

What is the biggest factor that can attract or repel the right man? Is it your looks? Or maybe it’s your personality. The answer is – your mindset. I talked about the reasons why your mindset can help you attract the right man in a previous article. You can find it here if you want …


Appreciating a Good Man Attracts Him: 3 Reasons Why

If you’re a single woman who wants to attract great men, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your odds. Here’s a very simple yet effective way: show your appreciation towards them. Unfortunately, a lot of modern women have lost the art of appreciating men and their love lives suffer for it. …


3 Ways Being Kind Can Help with Dating and Life

Did you know that kindness can help with your health and well-being? But, here’s something even more interesting: Did you know kindness can help with dating too? Here’s an example: You don’t want to be super critical of a man who may have gotten stuck in traffic and deserves another chance. If he is a …


The Skills Women Over 40 Need to Learn to Improve Their Dating Success

Unfortunately, when a woman over 40 feels a little insecure about her chance of dating success because of her age, she often focuses on improving her appearance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to look better and getting healthier. However, focusing only on these aspects may not move the needle in terms of …


The Top 7 Dating Mistakes Women Over 40 Make That Keep Them Single

Many women find themselves single again after a long marriage. And, a lot of them start looking for a new husband or partner with a better fit and a much better outcome. All of those painful experiences can put you in a much better position to find true love. But, if you’ve been in a …


Is Romance Really Outdated? Why It’s Important to Celebrate Love

Something I read on Valentine’s Day struck a nerve with me. A man, who was happily married, shared his thoughts on this holiday and pretty much said it was a waste of time and effort. His bottom line is that one lovey-dovey day in a year won’t save a relationship. He argued that only through …


What two things do you need to find dating success?

Knowing the results of recent scientific studies on dating and relationships can help you in your pursuit of love. Studies without science to back them up don’t inspire much confidence otherwise. And in a lot of cases, the biases of the people conducting unscientific research will taint the results. That makes it hard to believe …


5 Fun Ways Being Playful Can Help You with Dating and Relationships

The way your potential partner perceives you is influenced by a lot more than the way you look. While looks can have a say in the immediacy of chemistry, there are plenty of other factors that have a strong say as well. In many cases, troubled relationships can be improved by simply putting in the …

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