Is Modern Dating Hurting Your Chance for Blissful Love?


We all know that the pressure on women today to be sexy and sexual causes many problems.

Have you considered that it’s likely to be hurting your love life too?

Here are some examples of what happens when women let our cultural pressures guide them:

– Using the latest trendy dating app, Megan says she’s looking for a serious relationship. The guys say they are too, but, once they have sex the guys still see other women.

– Kelly is a little uncomfortable going to Matt’s place for their third date since she heard he’s a bit of a “player.” But she’s so attracted to him, she tells herself, “we’ll probably do it eventually anyhow.” After they have sex, he texts her, but only for booty calls.

– Sandy assumes she can brush her feelings aside when she has sex with a new man. She’s shocked when she becomes disappointed and kind of depressed when Sebastian never contacts her again after their hookup.

When you think you have to be sexy and sexual to get what you want from men, you’re ignoring your feelings. Ignoring them is like disabling your GPS when you’re lost in a strange new city.

How often have you wondered if a guy was really into you? Or wondered how long to wait to have sex? Have you ever worried that a guy expected sex right away and might disappear if you wouldn’t sleep with him? Be honest.

That’s not listening to your instincts and intuition. That’s responding to the pressures of our society and our focus on having lots of sex rather than being treated well by men.

Of course, men want sex. But what makes you special is far more than just being a sex object. Your advantage is YOU. How can he fall for you if he doesn’t know you?

Women get what we want from men when we listen to our feelings and are guided by them. That means we do what works for us, which is often not what society tells us is “normal.”  That’s what it means to be your own Brand of Sexy.

Our culture can lead us astray. You need a strong inner compass, like a good GPS, to keep you on track toward your goals so that you don’t get lost in the modern dating jungle.

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