Dating Over 40: 5 Flirting Tips That Will Improve Your Love Life


Dating is a lot different when you’re younger. But if now you’re single and over 40, you may be wondering how to approach this entire process, and what you can expect when you put yourself out there.

When you’re over 40, you’re all grown and mature – and guess what? So are the men you will be dating. So don’t try to go back to your 20s self in terms of how you behave or dress. Embrace that now you’re a bit more elegant and dignified. Your flirting style has somewhat changed over the years, and you are looking for something else than you did a few years ago.

This is not to say you should try to be something you’re not. As a general rule, expressing your true self will always make dating a lot easier than trying to be somebody you think the men you’re meeting want. When you’re older, you don’t have to work hard and make it super obvious you like the person you’re dating. You don’t want to scream your interest with a short, tight-fitting dress or too much touching.

If there’s anything you should keep from your younger self’s dating style is the idea that flirting should be fun. Because it is, at any age. It’s part of what makes this entire process exciting, and it’s the best way to slowly get to know your partner and find out if you want a relationship with him.

But if you’re worried about how to make flirting fun when you’re over 40, don’t worry. Check out these 5 great flirting tips that can help you spice things up as you’re meeting men and going out on dates.

Over 40 Flirting Tip #1: Make Eye Contact

One of the simplest ways to let someone know you’re into them is to look them in the eyes at the right moment and hold onto that eye contact to build tension. Of course, a little common sense is obviously needed – you can’t stare at a man in a bar for 5 minutes straight hoping that will bring him over to your table. That may have the opposite effect.

But when you’re on a date with a guy, you should try to make eye contact with him. Connect with him while he talks to stay engaged. Don’t stare, as staring can make things uncomfortable for your date. Learn the art of giving quick glances to someone you’re interested in.

Over 40 Flirting Tip #2: Smiling

Do you like your date and want to subtly let him know the night’s going great? Smile.

Smiling can be a great way to connect with your date and showcase that you are a positive, happy person. It also helps your date know you’re enjoying yourself and makes the night run a lot smoother.

Bigger smiles can show a little more interest, so use that wisely!

Over 40 Flirting Tip #3: Laughter and Playfulness

Laughter and playfulness demonstrate a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment, and happiness that is naturally alluring romantically.

So don’t be afraid to let your playful side out while on a date with a guy you like. Laugh at his jokes, and he will feel appreciated, and know you enjoy his company.

When you joke around with a potential partner, that uplifting vibe naturally brings the two of you closer together by indicating that you like being around each other. It’s really that simple.

Over 40 Flirting Tip #4: Tell him what you appreciate

Men love to be appreciated. If your date goes out of his way to do something nice for you, make sure to acknowledge it. Give him a sign that you like what he’s doing and appreciate his efforts. If you do that, you can increase your chances of a second date because you are essentially confirming to your date that yes, he can make you happy. He may even try harder to make you happy because you appreciate it when he does.

So, how can you tell a guy you’ve just started dating you appreciate him? If it feels awkward, don’t worry. You don’t have to make a full speech or anything. Just casually mention things like:

“I enjoyed dancing with you!”

“What a good story!”

“That’s sweet. I appreciate that.”

Saying these things will confirm not just that you are enjoying yourself, but that his efforts are welcome and appreciated. This makes your date feel good about himself, and more likely to want to see you again.

Over 40 Flirting Tip #5: Relax and Be Yourself

The most important goal of dating is to enjoy getting to know someone new. It’s much easier to know someone when they’re being authentic and honest, so remember to always be yourself when you’re dating. How can he fall in love with you if he doesn’t know who you are?

Yes, being yourself might mean some men won’t call for a second date. And that’s actually great. Why spend time dating someone who doesn’t like who you truly are? Accept this potential outcome, and try to relax.

An amazing feat of dating when you are over 40 is that you already have a good idea of who you are.

Accept yourself, and let others accept you too!

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