Wedding Series: Should You Bring A Date If You’re Single?


As wedding season gets into full swing, you might be mentally scanning the list of potential dates that you could bring. But even though most wedding invites come with a “plus one,” that doesn’t mean you have to bring a date. In fact, unless you are in an exclusive relationship, it’s probably better not to bring a guy with you. Here’s why:

1.  Bringing a date to a wedding puts a lot of pressure on himand you. Everyone has marriage on their mind at weddings, so it’s often the topic of conversations. If you go with a date, you are likely to get asked all kinds of questions about your relationship, from how you met, to how long you’ve been dating, to why you aren’t married yet. If you haven’t been dating each other for very long, this can be uncomfortable for both of you. It also puts a lot of pressure on him to meet all your friends and family at once. If you have only just started dating a guy, you are better off taking things slowly and spending time getting to know each other before inviting him to a wedding.

2.  Bringing a date doesn’t address (or fix) what you might really be feeling. Are you bummed that you are single? Feeling lonely? Frustrated by bad dates? If so, it can be tempting to call up your ex-boyfriend, a male friend, or that guy you’ve only been on two dates with. But having company at the wedding won’t change how you feel deep down about being single. You’re much better off putting some time and energy into thinking about why you feel that way and what you can do to change your situation. For helpful tips on how to date successfully and get what you want from men, preorder my brand new ebook, What to Say to Men on a Date: Be Your Own Brand of Sexy .

3.  Going solo frees you up to meet someone there. Weddings can be a great place to meet a man. But, most good guys won’t try talking to you if you are clearly there with someone else, because they will assume that you are taken. If you go without a date, you’ll be free to mingle, chat, and dance with whomever you want. Who knows, you may even meet Mr. Right there!

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If you are single, do you prefer to go to weddings by yourself or bring a date? Why? I’d love to hear from you. Please share your experiences in the comments below and on Facebook and Twitter.

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