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How to Answer the Dreaded Question: Why Are You Single?

People can be nosy. When they are curious about you, they may not realize they are asking you a question that is intrusive, and maybe even rude. Single women dread being asked, “Why are you single?’ It’s no wonder this question is so hated. Even if you love being single, you may not relish the …


Signs It’s Time to End a Relationship or Consider Ending It

Breakups are miserable. Sometimes we’ll do anything to avoid the pain of losing our partner and the promise of that shared future. That can make it very hard to decide whether to continue a relationship. Should you hang in there and give your relationship a chance? Or should you end it rather than waste your precious time? It’s …


Should You Reconsider the Traits You Want in a Partner?

Have you ever wondered why so many women fall for narcissistic men? When I see a woman with a narcissistic man in a restaurant, I see trouble ahead. But, you may not. If you find narcissistic men appealing, it’s not your fault. It’s easy to become influenced by the allure of superficial qualities when we’re …


10 Questions about Relationships to Improve Your Love Life

We’re always learning new things about dating, relationships, and love because there’s a lot for all of us to learn. Looking at your disappointments and mistakes can be painful, but it usually makes a big difference in understanding what we truly seek in a partner and a relationship. If you’re having any kind of trouble …


How to Be a Confident Woman in a Relationship Today

Confidence is not necessary for you to find and keep a good relationship. Surprised? I know, this is the opposite of what you’ve constantly heard. If you believe the unfortunate myth that you must fully love yourself before you can find a partner, it’s not your fault. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how …


Is Chivalry Dead in Dating? Stop Settling for Less

The feminist movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries led to much more power for women in the workplace. But have we also gained more power in our private lives? Maybe not. And there’s one big problem — we may have killed off chivalry. All the old chivalry toward a woman – opening her door, …


How to Avoid Being Manipulated in a Relationship Now

I won’t sugarcoat it – the dating world can be a minefield of deception and manipulation. Fortunately, you can develop an essential skill that will protect your heart and empower you to identify the genuine connection you deserve. Everyone wants to influence their partner’s behavior or perceptions in some way. Manipulators use deceptive or abusive …


Is Online Dating Safe? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

In today’s technology-driven world, online dating has become a common way to meet potential partners. Did you know that about half of never-married Americans have used dating apps or websites, and one in ten partnered couples having met online? The digital realm has transformed the way we seek love and companionship. However, opinions about the …


How Mental Health Affects Relationships: E. Jean Carroll

One of the highlights of mental health awareness month was the legal battle between writer E. Jean Carroll and former president Donald Trump. Wherever you stand politically, this case demonstrates the long-lasting devastating effects that sexual trauma can have on a woman’s romantic relationships and her entire life. Ms. Carroll was awarded $5 million in …


How to Stop Judging People by Their Appearance when Dating

Although the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has been popular since 1860, people in our culture do it daily. Our culture bombards us with messages about the importance of looks and beauty. Bucking the tidal wave of attention to beautiful people takes true bravery. When it comes to dating, it’s easy to …

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