How to Get the Relationship You Want: The 4 Best Secrets

Do you ever wonder how some women get the relationship they want? What are they doing to make such a difference when others stay single or deal with frequent breakups? It’s simple: they make good dating decisions. A lot of women tend to blame their looks or confidence for their single status, but that’s the …


Breaking Free: How to Love Again after a Narcissist

Cindy met Jake and was instantly attracted to his charm and good looks. On their first date, Jake was attentive and confident. He ordered Cindy’s dinner and her wine. She was impressed by the famous, interesting people he knew. Although Jake didn’t ask Cindy much about herself, she figured he was just nervous. Underneath his …


How to Set Standards in Dating and Build Self-Confidence

Sandra has a great career and wonderful friends, but she feels discouraged with her dating life. When she finally meets a man she really likes, he starts to take her for granted and the relationship fizzles out. This pattern is starting to eat away at her confidence. Other women don’t seem to have the same …


How to Find a Nice Man to Date: The 10 Best Ways to Meet Men

After Stephanie’s divorce, she became concerned when she discovered how hard it was to meet single men to date. Her work discouraged dating coworkers, and she didn’t want to work with anyone she dated anyway. She felt it would be too complicated. What if they broke up and she had to see him at work …


How Empowering Yourself Can Improve Your Love Life

Shelly felt like she was getting nowhere with dating. Either she wasn’t interested in the men she was dating, or they weren’t into her. She felt like she was never going to find that man who was the right fit, that needle in the haystack. It was so discouraging! She didn’t understand why it wasn’t …


Feel Like Giving up on Dating and Love? Here’s How to Cope

Dating, love, and relationships can feel like a rollercoaster ride with both thrilling highs and heart-wrenching lows. If you feel too battered and bruised from the potholes and rocks on your path, it can be easy to forget about any potential euphoria. That can make you feel like giving up on the whole process. Rejection, …


Stop Worrying about Being Single: Here are 5 Reasons Why

Some of the most powerful women in the world worry about being single, regardless of how capable and successful they are. Add some nosy comments like, “do you have a boyfriend?” or “why aren’t you married?” and these wildly intelligent and competent women can feel panicked. This underlying current of pressure makes it more difficult …


What’s the Link between Your Self-Esteem and the Media?

There are many ways that the media can cause you to doubt yourself and lead to lower self-esteem. If you’re a woman looking for love, media influences can lead to second-guessing in two major areas that are critical for your success: your appearance and your decisions about intimacy. How the Media Influences Your Feelings about …


Is It True That a Cheater Never Changes Its Spots?

We’ve all heard the old phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Is it true? And how can you tell if the man you’re dating could be a serial cheater? The subject of infidelity makes a lot of us twitchy. If you’ve even been betrayed, you know how it feels to have your trust shattered …


Do You Hate Playing Games with Men? Here’s How to Avoid It.

Many women are conflicted about making plans to get what they want from men. Does it make you nervous to talk about strategies with dating and relationships? Some women argue that standing up for yourself or having any strategy is playing games with men or is manipulation in relationships, while others swear by these methods …

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