Mothers and Daughters: How to Give Love and Empowerment


Gifts and togetherness are wonderful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. When you consider a gift, maybe you think of flowers or perfume, but we can also give gifts of acceptance and respect. We can create a change in our culture that would make it easier for women to expect acceptance and respect rather than judgment and heartache. That would empower women.

We don’t like to think that our environment is toxic, but the pressures on women to be sexy and sexual can hurt us at any age. So many movies, TV, and media images scream out to us, “You’re not lovable the way you are!” and we can take steps toward changing that. 91% of women are unhappy with the way they look. We also have the opportunity to address the objectification of women and denial of the harm that sexual violence causes. When women support each other, we have more power. It is very difficult to stand up to these harmful cultural messages alone.

You are not alone.  We can revitalize sisterhood. Sisterhood means knowing somebody has your back. When body shamers are mean to you, your sisters will stand up for you. Whether you have wrinkles or your body doesn’t meet the unrealistic and unattainable body ideals of today, your sisters know your inner beauty is much more important than our culture’s tyranny of external beauty.

When we accept and respect our sisters, we empower them because they begin to expect acceptance and respect. When we’re focused on our bulging tummy, fat thighs, or small chest, we’re not feeling confident. That isn’t an empowering mindset. It isn’t a happy feeling. How can you feel powerful or get what you want when you’re distracted by the insecurities that our culture creates? Our obsession on looking good does not give us happiness or power. Real power is figuring out what you want and having the courage to do what works for you. Empowerment means knowing that: inner beauty is more valuable than external.

Our gifts of acceptance and respect can transform our world!

How can you give your mother or daughter these gifts?

  • Appreciate her inner beauty. Compliment who she is rather than her appearance. Is she kind, loving, or a good listener? Empowerment for women comes with valuing our inner beauty. How can we truly feel powerful when we feel bad about ourselves when we don’t meet impossible beauty ideals?
  • Think about whether you want the world to change. We have the opportunity to change it, but do you want it changed? Thinking “That’s just the way it is” keeps us trapped in this tyranny of external beauty. But change can be scary. We can change these unhealthy trends.
  • Take action if you want change! If you don’t like the way women are portrayed in movies and TV, contact the producers to tell them, or don’t support their shows. If you don’t like unrealistic images of women in magazines or on social media, speak out!

Women can change the world to make it more loving and accepting. That can help us to become more confident and empowered.

Change the world! Join the Revolution. Be your own Brand of Sexy.

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